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Apr 2006
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Hey everybody. I'm not meaning blow my own horn here, but according to what I've been reading here on this sight, my efficiencies are freakishly high... I'm wondering if I'm using the "calculator" wrong (I've been using the efficiency calculator on tastybrew.com), or if I'm just lucky.

Would someone mind running this for me in their own program????

12 gallon at start of boil
10.5 gallon into fermenters
OG 1.060

12 lb pale malt
4 lb german pilsner malt
1lb belgian aromatic malt
1lb 15L crystal
1 lb cara-pils.

I never even wondered about efficiency before seeing all these postings, but I find that it's nice to know.

I appreciate your help.

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Art by David Shrigley
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I get 88% running it through recipator.
Sounds pretty good to me.
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19lb of malt would give around 19*36 gravity points = 684

684/10.5 = 65

you got 60 so



Now thats obviously a quick rough way to work it out and I'm assuming the malt is rated at 1036, some malts ar around 1040 so that would reduce it.

Sound very good.
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Nov 2006
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What sort of system are you runnin?
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Not that 90% is impossible but if I were you, I'd check the hydrometer for accuracy, I have two, one is off 6 points and the other is off 4.
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Apr 2006
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Wow, thanks for the quick responses!

Waldo, I've got three different hydros, one's brand new, and they all three read pretty much the same.

Mew, my efficiency seemed to go way up when I went back to doing ten gallon batches (I didn't have the capacity for awhile because my old rig got stolen). But I also now have a three roller crankandstein that does a purt'near perfect crush, and I've made a mash/lauter tun out of a fifteen gallon keg. It has a copper manifold that drains pretty close to the bottom of the keg, so I'm not leaving a bunch of wort in there.

Also, I sparge with 180 deg H2O out of a cooler (I don't adjust the PH of the sparge) and it hits the grain bed at about 170.

Again, thanks to you folks who ran the numbers. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't using the program wrong. -p

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