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I finally uploaded the photos of my filter. I had made a version where I sewed the mesh closed which was a bit of a pain. Then I had a hard time cleaning it as the pores would get plugged, especially if a lot of pellets were used.

I decided to make a version I could easy assemble, and then disassemble for easy cleaning. Construction is SUPER EASY. I cut a small X for the dip tube, then folded over one edge to make a ~1/2" flap, then I folded the whole mesh in half, tucking the edge under the flap. The edges are then sealed with stainless steel split rings. To make putting the split rings on easier, and to help avoid cutting my fingers, I first put the rings on at the folded edge, and then slide them into place.

Just the mesh

Two versions of pick up tubes and split rings

Pick up tube installed in mesh - this pick up has a series of holes drilled on the underside.

Top view of assembled unit

Bottom view of assembled unit

To help seal where the dip tube passes through, right now I simply wrap the area with a little aluminum foil. One of these days I'll put a grommet of something similar to make a better seal. I mainly use whole hops so I haven't worried about it.

The parts are from McMaster. The mesh is # 9241T432 and is ~$10. The split rings (# 90905A657) are a bit pricey at $11 for 10 rings and I use 18 for the filter. One might be able to find the rings elsewhere for less.

I used to recirculate (plate chiller) back to the kettle to chill all of the wort at once. After say 10 min of chilling, sometimes the filter would begin to plug (especially if I did use a bunch of pellets). I've now switched to immediately after flameout, I drain the kettle to a modified corny. I then hook up the corny to my plate chiller and pump and recirculate through this set up. Now that the hops and hot break have been removed I can recirculate all I want with no fears of clogging (no filter needed then)
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I like it. It seams that you could sew up at least two sides to reduce how many rings you need to mess with. I have also see stainless steel binder clips that could be used instead.

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thats pretty cool, have to make me one.

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