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Wow, that is terrible! I have been considering options for my brew room lately. My step-son, while a decent guy, drinks a lot and he will surely be delighted with my brewery when he moves in with me. LOL He is still waiting on his visa before he can immigrate, so at least I have time to create my vault.

I do hope you sort your problems out the first time.

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I was at Home Depot the other day. They have one of those hinged locking contraptions that actually has a built in combination lock. A few screws and some liquid nail, and it'll take a crowbar for someone to break in.

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time to setup a webcam and catch the person stealing your beer.

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Originally Posted by Mysticmead View Post
time to setup a webcam and catch the person stealing your beer.
+1. Set up a critter cam, or a "night shot" camera to photograph the bastards.

Maybe a trap with some skunk scent.

Darn kids.

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This kind has a built in lock (no padlock)

I'd also consider hiding behind the fridge with a baseball bat.
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I've got a game camera with infrared flash that I'm going to set up.

Astro- I bought a lock today similar to that but with a combination lock instead of key. JJL mentioned it and I picked one up.
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Stealing 40+ homebrews is serious bad karma. Best of luck to you man.
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Leave a few bottles of "Cayenne Stout" in your fridge. Or have HBT users send you bottles from infected batches.
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This is what I used on mine:

I got the hinge and lock at HD as others have mentioned above.
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Put a tap through the door and put a blue ribbon over it with the title

State Champ,
"The BOMB"

Connect a PET bottle on the inside and fill it with 80% BMC and 20% Citrucel.

Make sure to keep a stack of red cups ontop of the fridge for easy access.

You'll be able to follow the perps by the trail they leave behind.

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