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My mother in law once canned a large batch of home grown pears, and for some unknown reason canned about 3 quarts of the sugar syrup, in which the pears had been cooked. Since no one knew what to do with it, I made up a gallon batch with it, a can of frozen white grape concentrate, some more sugar (!) and champagne yeast. For about a year I could have sold it to NASA or SpaceX, but eventually it settled down into a very drinkable dry wine. Wines from home canned fruit can be good, if you're patient. Just don't wait till you're old to start one
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My Mother-in law used to make what she called Brandied Fruit. She used it to make wonderful holiday cakes every year.

She always kept a starter container around. Ever once in a while she would just dump in a large can of mixed fruit and some sugar.

When she heard I was making wine at home she gave me a gallon jug of the liquid. I added 2 cans of Welch’s grape concentrate and some sugar. When it was done, I had a really nice sweet Port.

She has been gone for years now and I miss her. Now I’ll see if I can make her holiday cake. Thanks for the recipe.

Edit: Oh and by the way, I’ll bet the citrus from the lemons is to help break apart the sugars for the yeast. Do a search for invert or inverted sugars.
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A co-worker gave me this same recipe a few days ago. He made 2 batches, one with pears and one with peaches, all grown in his back yard. Although I haven't tasted it myself...I hear it is delicious.

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My grandmother made fruit brandy in five gallon crocks. It is much like Rumtopf, which she made for the holiday season. She never added yeast, just relied on natural yeast from fresh seasonal fruit. In the crock, there was a layer of sliced/chunked fruit, then a layer of sugar or honey, more fruit, more sugar, etc., until filled 75% of the way. Sometimes they threw raisins in, and if someone had preserved citrus peel they wanted to share some was added. Cover with papers and set somewhere dark and warm, but not hot, stirred once a day for seven days and did not stir again until they checked it in a month. She used seasonal fruits, peach brandy, cherry brandy, plum brandy, even apples. Her favorite was blackberry.

She said it was called fruit brandy because distillation was not widely used and quite risky. Plus their version of fruit brandy tasted much better, fruity and usually sweet. She said they would sometimes seal the crocks with their treasured lids, seal with wax and many times bury the crock in the ground. Unearth it when the ground thawed in the Spring...and the liquor was delicious.
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Figs, dates and other dark fruits would be nice. I have a gallon of a really strong "Date wine" that is pretty much like the above recipe except made with dates. It's pretty potent and tasty stuff.
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Great recipe, as a newby I love the idea of bung it all together and let stuff happen!
Figgy date version also sounds fab, I may well start this for next years xmas prezzies...
Also great to read the hand me down stories, my grandad passed on some recipes to dad who made lots of wine when I was a kid, but all the recipes have long since disappeared.

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