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Did you bottle yet? How did this turn out?

When Deggenbe asked about your grain bill, what he's asking is what grains you mashed and how much of each. I'm also curious about this.


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This is all i see in the original Post. no recipe at all. is there a post elsewhere with the ingredients listed?

Originally Posted by renwickme View Post
I live in Central Wisconsin, a hot "bed" of the cranberry industry. *Some friends of ours work for Ocean Spray, so we get cranberries galore. *To utilize this abundance of fruit I use cranberries as an essential ingredient in my American wheat beer.

1. *Crack the grain.
2. *Steep the grain in a boiling pot of water (I use two kettles to avoid boil overs, see first attached photo).
3. *Add the malt, raise temperature to 160 degrees and boil & stir for 30 minutes. *
4. *Add .5 oz. of Tettnang hops to boiling wart and continue boiling & stirring for another 30 minutes.
5. *Add the remaining .5 oz. hops and stir.
6. *Take wort off burner and put the kettle into an ice water bath.
7. *Chop up a bag of cranberries and put them in a bowl (second attached photo). *Add at least 8 oz. of honey to the cranberries and stir.
8. *Put the cranberry/honey mixture in a cheesecloth (third attached photo). *Steep this in the cooling wort for twenty minutes.
9. *Once wort has cooled to room temperature, pour it into glass carboy and add three gallons of filtered or distiller water.
10. *Start yeast and pitch it into wort.
11. *Cap the wort and let it sit for 7 days in a dark, cool room. *
12. *Bottle it (add 1/4 tsp. corn sugar in each bottle) and let sit for at least another 7 days.
13. *Bottoms up!
Nothing fermenting ATM

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Apr 2010
Socorro, NM
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You're right, but we have to wait for the OP to get back. I got the impression he wasn't familiar with the phrase "grain bill" earlier.

At any rate, you can use ~50% wheat and ~50% pilsner malt and you should do just fine, there's not too much to an american wheat beer grain bill.

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I was looking for some ideas on using cranberries. Sand Creek makes very nice ale using them. I will be making something today and thought I would boil the berries for 10 min or so and put them in the primary. Don't know if I should crush them or keep them whole.

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