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May 2010
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i had someone ask me to make some peach cider, and i think i would like to give it a try.

I dont really know much about making cider, so i was wondering if anyone had any advice, or a recipe they could share?

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That is a good reference for all the basic cider-making principles. I don't know anything about using peaches in a cider, I don't even know if you could get enough juice to make a completely peach based cider. Try searching these forums for a recipe. (you could also check the recipe database)

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My understanding from what I have learned through experience, though I could be wrong. I am no expert.
The majority of all cider is made using apples. There is plenty of juice that comes from them. Than if a person wanted to, they would kill the yeast and add the "flavor" they want. In my case I did a strawberry cider. Killed the yeast and than racked the cider on top of the strawberries. Waited 2 weeks. Tried it. I liked it, my girlfriend wanted it more strawberry like, so i added more. Eventually that is all that we could really taste was strawberry. A slight hint of apple, but it was very slight.
I hope this helps.
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Might try looking at some peach wine recipes, either from Jack Keller or Terry Garey. And/or maybe use one of those and sub some AJ for some of the water.
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Feb 2011
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juice + sugar + yeast = a good time. Throw it together and see what you get!

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Jun 2011
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sorefingers23: about 10 years ago I had access to lots of great peaches in southern Illinois (arguably better than Georgia peaches, IMHO), made a wine and it went something like this: bought a brand new rubbermaid container that looked like it would hold 20 gallons. Drilled a hole and added a bottle bucket spigot. washed and sanitized the interior and lid with alcohol. From what i remember, the recipe was 5 pounds peaches per gallon (fuzzy memory, consult Terry Garey's book). Used a very large nylon mesh drawstring bag (one meant for brewing). peaches were washed thoroughly, halved and pitted. all peaches put into nylon bag, bag placed into the fermenter. The sugar called for in the recipe was boiled in water (the recipe details escape me, just trying to relay the technique used to creat this wine) and then was poured over the peaches in the fermenter. There wasn't enough heat to set the pectin, it fermented out brilliantly clear. Yeast added when cool. I do remember that the common sugar used created a hot alcohol flavor, but i was going for wine strength alcohol level- cider would be a different story. Go heavy as you can on the lbs fruit/gallon. The process worked really well, but the recipe was a bit off. Beware the use of acid blend.

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