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bad coffee
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Hey all my search-fu isn't working so well tonight, so I'm starting a new thread.

What/how are you guys and gals insulating the bottom of your E-kettles? I'm going to put mine on a cheap-o Ikea counter top, and don't want to burn it.

I'm thinking either a wood disc (not so sexy) under the brew kettle, or maybe a piece of 1/4" neoprene -- sexy, but quite possibly a problem when cleanup comes around. Also, finding a piece big enough for my kettle might $$.

So what are you guys using?


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My e-kettle won't be done for another couple of weeks. But I'm not planning on anything fancy like a wood disk. In fact I wasn't planning on anything at all, just set it on the bench and brew away!

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I have a 16x16 ceramic tile under mine. It was left over from when my kitchen floor was re-done. Although, I built my own brewstand from 2x4s and 1x6s and I think it wouldn't really matter if I had nothing under there...

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I would think a piece of hardwood plywood with routered edges, stained and sealed would work just fine.
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I use plywood with a ceramic tile, although it doesn't seem to get very hot - still a good idea to protect your counter-top.

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I'm using round corkboard that has plastic on one side. Plastic side sits on brewstand, cork touches bottom of kettle.

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