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Dec 2010
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I've found that, before I started brewing, I used to smell "beer." If some spilled on the floor and I forgot to mop it up, I smelled "beer." If I opened a beer and started pouring, I would smell "beer." Now that I've had my nose in more than a few different kinds of grains, malts, and hops, I've found that I open a beer and smell grains/malts, hops, and yeast; the constituent parts stand out, instead of just one general "beer" smell. In fact, I can't smell them as a whole, I just smell one or the other ingredients.

Has this happened to anyone - or everyone - else?

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Awww...you've reached brewing puberty.
I truly enjoy tasting beer and picking out the components, especially with homebrew since I know exactly what has gone in it. It heightens the drinking experience.
Now go try a bud or coors and you will surely notice the subtle flavors and they will become slightly more than piss.
(disclaimer...I'm a big fan of coors. A quality lager in my opinion)

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Omfg! we ran low on cash recently,& had to get a 6'r of tall boys. The gang my son works with at the store call it "the beast"-Milwaukee's best. YYYYuuuk! still don't like it. Also,just found Hofbrau Munchen's original...green bottle,skunked. $9 gone. Makes me think of Nomad from Star Trek,"Error? Error? Must annniiliiize errrrorrrr,errrrrorrr..."!!
The dark side of beer nose. Sometimes,the more you know,the more you wish you didn't. But,I do agree on the good side. I anylize every beer I drink now,looking for things I might like.
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