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Feb 2010
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I recently brewed up a spring cleaning beer with all of the leftover ingredients I had on hand. I'm getting ready to move it to the secondary this weekend and was trying to come up with something interesting to add to it. Being that this is made from stuff that I had around the house I wanted to stick with fairly basic ingredients that I might have on hand or could easily get at the grocery store. I was thinking possibly grapefruit (SN Pale has that sort of mild grapefruity flavor, even though I'm sure it doesn't actually have ant grapefruit in it), but didn't know the best method to do this. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here is the recipe I put together, I was thinking of calling it Fabulous Disaster after the old Exodus album (most of my beers have names that are plays on heavy metal songs):

Hops: 1 oz
oz crystal@ 30 min
oz [email protected] min
1 oz Chinook @ boil
Sammy Bavarian noble hallertau [email protected] for 5 min (got this free at a beer fest so thought Id throw it in for fun)

Malt: 2 lbs
2 lbs muntons amber dried malt extract

Approx 2 lbs honey
1 lb dark brown sugar
(I was low on malt extract so substituted with brown sugar and honey. Could be a complete disaster)

Grains: 1 Lb -30 min steeping
lb carapils
lb c20

Red Star Pasteur Champagne, dry

Thanks once again!

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Not sure, but I would think that the thing to do would have been to boil grapefruit zest for the last 15 mins when you made the wort.

Anyways, you could always juice a few grapefruits, steep that for about 10 mins @ 160ish to sterilize it, then add that to the fermenter. Not sure how that would taste, but honestly, I'm not too sure about the recipe you have to start with. That is a hell of a lot of simple sugars.

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My vote is for complete disaster.

More than 50% simple sugars is going to leave you with a pretty bad body. The champagne yeast is far from ideal as well.

Sure you don't just want to get another 3lbs of dme and some s04 or 05?
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Feb 2010
Harrisonburg, VA
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Yeah, it'll prob be a mess, but it'll be a learning experience if nothing else. Could I add some malt extract still and pitch a new batch of yeast, or is it too late for that? Or are you just knocking my recipe because I went to JMU

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Sorry but grapefruit is hardly an interesting adjunct...if you're looking for some start here.



Also look at Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing.

As well as listen to this basic brewing podcast;

January 14, 2010 - GBS Iron Brewer Competition
Jeff Britton, president of the Garage Brewers Society of O'Fallon, Missouri, explains his club's current contest centering around mystery ingredients.

CLick here to listen.
Grapefruit is so have to think out of the box...
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Feb 2010
Harrisonburg, VA
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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
Sorry but grapefruit is hardly an interesting adjunct..
Which is exactly why I was posting this. Thanks for the links. The black pepper sounds....umm....intriguing. But prob not with this "recipe". But I'm willing to try whatever since this batch will likely be a wash anyways. I was thinking of something a bit more mild, and fruit beers are def not one of my preferred libations. So I'm open to ideas. Lawn clippings? Used motor oil? Triscuits?

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I'd go with something that'll help counter the sweetness a bit... say some ginger root or maybe even chilis?

Looking at the recipe it seems to me you might end up with something rather "mead-ish" but if you can get FG down low enough it might still be good.

Either way I wouldn't rush it... What was your OG btw?

Oh, and great call on the name

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