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May 2011
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I brewed a Belgian wit from AHS five days ago and today it appears it has reached terminal gravity. The recipe calls for slightly more top off water to push the volume to slightly over 5 gallons but I figured my efficiency wasn't all too great as I'm pretty new to all grain, so I didn't top off. The yeast I used was WLP400. My original gravity was 1.052 with the recipe calling for 1.050. Now, my final gravity is 1.010 after 5 days with the recipe calling for 1.008. I feel like this is right but want some clarification.
I gave it a swirl after checking the FG, but it seems done. I don't plan on a secondary, so is there any need to leave it in primary longer? Or should I just bottle as soon as everything has settled from the swirl? Thanks!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I may have mashed just slightly high (153-157 over the course of an hour), if that has any significance in this situation

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+1 for not topping off.

I did a brief secondary. Wit's are cloudy and young.

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Feb 2011
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+1 more for not topping off

I always go 2 weeks minimum in primary, for every beer. Give the yeast a little time to clean up any mess they've made. Though it does sound like your fermentation is done, I would still let it sit for the full 2 weeks (just IMHO though).

I did the AHS wit as well, and used WLP400. That yeast is crazy ! Started slow for the first two days, then blew through the airlock the second night and was completely done down to 1.010 (which is what the final was after two weeks). Bottled it after two weeks, and it carbed up extremely fast too (fully carbed and with staying power on the fizz after 1 week in bottles). I also added the peel of a whole sweet orange to get more citrusy flavor, and it is superb!
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Apr 2011
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I just made this and it has been carbing in the keg for a week and a half and it tastes good. I did put it in a secondary after three weeks in the primary just because I didn't have an empty keg and I wanted to use the primary. I can definately taste the "zest".

-cyclonite When did you add the orange peel? will that cut down on the zestyiness?

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Dec 2010
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it took 3 weeks for my anniversary wit to fully ferment.I used wlp 400 and it sure took it's time.

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Originally Posted by Fat_Bastard View Post
it took 3 weeks for my anniversary wit to fully ferment.I used wlp 400 and it sure took it's time.
Im 14 days in on the AHS Wit and it still has a big fluffy krausen, airlock activity and all
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Feb 2010
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I just brewed the AHS Wit (AG) and split it into two 2.5 gal batches. I bottled one only 7-8 days after pitching, which may have been a bit hasty because although their carbed up right now, they have a slight "sulphury" smell when poured into a glass. I hit all my numbers, so I'm led to believe this is because I didn't give the yeast the usual week or so after fermentation to clean up after themselves.

The second batch I aged on some fresh kiwis and bottled yesterday. It seems to be doing pretty well. All in all, the AHS Wit is usually a great success.

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Jan 2011
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i just bottled an AHS wit and had it ferment out quickly (same thing with their Half-Wit with WLP400) after blowing out the airlock but the krausen didn't completely drop for about 2 weeks (same with Half-Wit).

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