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Originally Posted by DanPoch View Post
I've been following this thread for a while now and have tried filling some pints from my kegs with this. And I have a question about releasing the pressure in the keg.

I've read that a rapid decrease in pressure, like opening the relief valve all the way, will cause some of the CO2 to burst out of solution and create a 'head' in the keg. This in turn uses up some of the head creating and keeping proteins that are in the beer. Perhaps it's not using enough to worry about, but I didn't see anything here about releasing the pressure in the keg slow or fast, so thought I'd ask the question.

Does the pressure in the keg have to be reduced slowly?
You know, I used to think the same, but do not think I've ever released the pressure one way or another. I usually let the pressure off first then set all my connections. Maybe the rest allows it all to settle down. I do not bottle too much since I hate it. I'll have to see what I do next time.

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This thing is great I got one put together and used it for the second time. It really is very easy to bottle up a few beers to take to a friends house. Thanks for helping out and making it so easy.

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I just built this with the cane from a busted autosiphon and a hacksaw. (And my wife complains when I never throw anything out.) Can't wait to try it out, although that's contingent on my empty kegs becoming full kegs.

I didn't get a good clean angled cut, as once I was halfway through, the pressure from the saw was enough to snap the cane in half at the cutting point. Is this going to be OK?

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Originally Posted by bernerbrau View Post
II didn't get a good clean angled cut, as once I was halfway through, the pressure from the saw was enough to snap the cane in half at the cutting point. Is this going to be OK?
That happened with mine too. I sanded the edges with a 200 then a 400 grit paper and it's worked just fine.

And like you I need to get more filled kegs too
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Hah, this worked perfectly!!! Thanks!!! I was honestly thinking about spending the money on that dumb beer gun, but now I won't need to.

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Bottled some RIS and Strong Scotch for a buddy's birthday beer tasting competition using the very basic picnic faucet - racking cane - bung setup and came in first and second place. And that was my first time even trying this. Can't wait to pop some of these open in a few months and see how they kept up... really I probably can't wait.

Thanks a ton!

Reason: poor grammer

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Thanks biermuncher, i'll try it. Sounds good.

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So i have had the stuff to do this for a while and we decided to bottle my friends Thunderstruck that has been in my fridge for a couple of weeks. Ill start off by saying it is very cheap and easy to assemble the device, as far as pressing the bung and releasing pressure this looked like a PITA. I didn't mind since I made him bottle all his beer. My advice would be only using this to bottle some 6'rs for friends or a couple at a time. A whole batch took it's tole on his thumb. he figured out a trick pushing up on one side of the stopper while down on the other. Not much foam and after a few bottles we got it down. After pulling out the Cane we filled them up a little more normally and capped since the foam was around the rim. If I were to do this on a normal basis for clarity, carbonation, or cleaner beer without yeast, I would buy a beer gun. Maybe it takes some time to get use to or the bung to loosen up. Either Way it worked with a little effort. We cracked one open at the end and it was perfectly carbonated as if it were straight from the tap.

On the plus side I had some left over so I can drink.

Good thread I would suggest trying this for as a cheap method for bottling a few brews.

And Im not a total dick I did help him cap the beers + show him how to use the Cheap CPBF, and store the beer in my Keg.

If you don't like it...We don't Care!

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I recently entered a two different beers into comp that were filled using this method. While they didn't place, there were no comments from judges stating oxidation. Good enough for me.

I've got my filler hooked to an adapter that screws into my Perlick taps. From the adapter there is a length of tube, just long enough for the wand and adapter to touch. This leaves the wand fairly rigidly attached. I just slide the bottle onto the wand, hold the bottle and bung with one hand, pull tap handle with the other hand.

I setup a folding table under my taps with a cake pan to collect any drippings. I really think I am going to exchange the racking cane with a bottling wand and see how that goes. Every time I fill a bottle the cane drips empty, thus pushing O2 into the next bottle. I think a wand may work better because it will remain filled (or at least partially filled).

I am also going to try using a hose clamp (with thumb screw) above the bung on the wand. This way when I force the bottle upwards on the cane, the bung automatically stays put. The thumb screw will make for quick adjustment for different bottle sizes.

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