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Originally Posted by ErieShores View Post
Wyeast Belgian Ardennes, too damn spicy.
I had a good experience with this. Thought it made a very tasty, well balanced beer.

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Feb 2011
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Originally Posted by Misplaced_Canuck

3068: That mofo can get VERY strong with a huge head of krausen

Agreed, love this yeast for hefs, and it is a beast. If using washed yeast, don't put a starter on a stirplate!!! Too much yeast in flask and it shot the stopper off like a rocket!

As for which yeasts to avoid, I really don't care for S-04, gives a tart/sour off taste that I don't like, though it is not bad for IPAs (though my favorite for IPAs and PAs is still Chico/1056/US-05).
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Originally Posted by bwomp313

I had a good experience with this. Thought it made a very tasty, well balanced beer.
+1 it's my go to Belgian yeast, can get hot in fermentation though which will give strong flavours if not controlled.

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Jan 2011
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Originally Posted by ErieShores
Wyeast Belgian Ardennes, too damn spicy.
This is the "cleanest" Belgian yeast out there. Sounds like you don't like Belgians; 3522 is one of my favorite strains!
Time to have some fun

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Jan 2011
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Originally Posted by DragonOrta

Funny. I used WLP007 for just about anything hoppy. Attenuates well, flocculates well, gives a nice flavor.

I'm not sure why you would blame a yeast strain for what sounds like poor sanitation practices.
I don't blame the yeast, but I still may avoid it. And yes, I know what I did wrong on those batches and it was on me.

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Nov 2009
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Be careful with Wyeast 1272 and WLP 005. If it's treated well the beer is great if not... you will see.
I agree with the WLP005. I was not a particular fan of that strain. Mine gave of a "grape-like" ester fermenting at 67F controlled. I used it in a sweet stout and a northern english brown ale. The english brown did take a second place, but I got some comments about the ester profile from a Grand Master II judge. He specifically mentioned the "strange, grape-like ester" that I had noticed also. Maybe a different ferment temp would help, but there are too many yeasts out there for me to go back to that one.

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I throw away Munton's, and I've pretty much had it with Nottingham after their numerous recalls.
Windsor (and pretty much Danstar in general) is at the bottom of my list. Fermentis for try, white labs vials usually for a liquid strain...though I pefer Wyeast's kolsch strain over white labs.
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Thanks for all the tips. Keep em coming!

For me, I avoid windsor, S-33 and munton's. S-04 may be joining that list too after a couple issues and not being british-y enough for me

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I've never heard of anyone having good experiences with WLP820. Apparently it simply is not what it's reputed to be (Weihenstephan 206).
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Every yeast has lovers and haters. I've found that if you know the sweet spot and how to handle any given yeast you will get great results. W34/70 beat me down and I don't have much of a desire to figure it out as I am not a Lager drinker. Otherwise I've had success with other yeasts.

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