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Apr 2011
porsgrunn norway, lol
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By full boil i actually ment not topping up with water after the boil
Water and worth dont really mix that easy so measuring thhe gravety can be a problem

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Originally Posted by andyjbrew View Post
I don't have extra yeast to pitch, but based on your comment I'll start getting some extra for my brews. How much vodka would you add, and is that relatively low risk to the fermentation process and flavor?

scrambledegg, good idea, I think I'll start doing that too, every last drop counts I guess.
I would stay away from vodka until its your last resort...time will be your friend in this one, you should still have some yeast in your beer and it may get you a little closer....Best advice I can ever give you, is that in general almost all beers will be great in three weeks (2weeks fermentation, 1 week of conditioning). Also be sure to read this online book, its a great reference for everything you will go thru: http://www.howtobrew.com/sitemap.html
Additionally, keep in mind that all of us have made mistakes in brewing beer...if we didn't we wouldnt be able to appreciate the great beer we currently brew!

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Originally Posted by andyjbrew View Post
I'm also adding a bit more than 5 gallons of water, probably closer to 5.5-6 gallons.
That's most of the problem. If the beer was supposed to be 1.060 at 5 gallons, topping off with water to 6 gallons makes it a 1.050 beer. Lose a little wort here or there, and you can easily come up low.

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I have had a significantly (8+ points) low OG on three occasions: twice I topped off to 6 gal before I actually measured what 5 gal looks like in my carboy, and once when I was trying to decant the wort into the fermenter while leaving the break material behind and stupidly left waaay too much wort behind. FWIW

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Originally Posted by Scooby_Brew View Post
Don't worry Andyjbrew, there is no way you can get a low efficiency from this recipe. This is what they call a "steeping" recipe, which means that you don't do any sugar converting (or "mashing"). In other words, all your sugars are already there, from malt extract and from crystal malt. Crystal malt does not need converting in order to extract sugars, just steeping in worm water. It already has sugars in it.
The only way you can get a low OG with this recipe is when you top it with too much water and make it a 6 gal instead of 5. Or you spill some extract, or your hydrometer is off.
So I basically did this. I was having trouble cooling without a wort chiller then overshot and added too much water to a partial grain IRA recipe. Gravity should have been around 1.06, but ended up at 1.042 so WAAAY off. I'm thinking more malt is needed (just put into primary last night about 1am, yeah it was rough on the cooling), but wondering how much.

Recipe was:
6 lbs LME
3 lbs Marris otter
1 lb Munich
.75 lbs Crystal 40
.5 lbs crystal 80
1 oz black malt

1 oz each of simcoe, cascade, and amarillo in the boil and calls for a dry hop in the secondary.

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I'm having the same issue with my stout I think because i forgot to rack into the fermentor instead of using a cup to transfer wort over which i did. Which I lost some wort which probably made my beer ferment out at 3.2 abv it started at 1.044 then final gravity was 1.018 its been in the primary for 2 weeks now.
Can I add more sugar or a malt extract to try n fix the gravity to the 5 or 6 percent i was shooting for? Or am I stuck with the 3.2 abv I have.
I usually use 3 pounds of dme n 2 pounds of raw sugar n never had a problem with the can kit I use. This time I only used 1 pound of dme and used 2 pounds of dark trecel I made on the stove. So under cutting my sugar probably didn't help any. I was trying not to kill the beer w sugar since its low in hops this time and kinda of shot myself in the foot.
Thx for the help.

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