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1. 3-4 weeks
2. Depends. Sometimes I don't do use Secondary at all, but I usually will condition anywhere from 1 week to 4 months for dry hopping or when adding additions to something like a bourbon barrel ale.
3. Hardly ever bottle anymore, but I wait two weeks before trying one.

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1)3-4 weeks
2)never use one...yet. might be nice for fruit/oaking.
3)minimum 3 weeks

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1) 3-4 weeks to a couple of months.
2) 0
3) I keg so not bottles.
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Originally Posted by karljrberno View Post
Just how long you leave in the bottle .
I would leave it however long it takes to drink it...or until it starts to not taste good. Whichever one comes first!

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The data below accounts for a variety of styles:

1. Two weeks minumum, up to 1 month.
2. I rarely, if ever, secondary. But, 3 months is the longest I've gone.
3. This question isn't specific enough. But... I carb in the bottle at least 3 weeks and let it age as long as it takes me to drink them. Some styles are best fresh so they're consumed quicker. Others are consumed more slowly over the course of several months...

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1) 4 weeks
2) Don't use one
3) 3 weeks minimum (I will try one after 2 weeks though)

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1. 10 days (hefewiezen) to 1 month
2. Rarely secondary but for higher gravity stuff that I want to age or put on fruit or wood I can let it go up to 4 months.
3. At least 3 weeks - it gets better with time. I mostly keg.

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I target an og of 1.050 for all my beer. Sometimes a little higher or lower depending on mash output.

I leave my beer in my secondary for 2 weeks.

I leave my beer in bottles for 4 plus weeks before I feel they are matured. But I'm allowed to sample a bottle before that time. I reall think they peak at 8 weeks in the bottle.

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Originally Posted by karljrberno View Post
1. How long do "YOU" Leave your beer in the Primery ?

2. How long do "You" Leave your beer in your secondary ?

3. How long do "You" Leave your berr in (bottle) ?
1. shortest ever was three days; longest ever is 31 days and counting.

2. shortest ever 4-5 days (dryhopping) longest ever 16 weeks.

3. some is over two years in the bottle and counting.
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1. Two weeks, sometimes as long as three

2. Only in certain beers- oaked beers, a barley wine, a tripel.

3. When they are carbed up and taste great, they are ready. Maybe 10 days, maybe as long as 5 weeks depending on the beer.

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