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May 2009
Mechanicsburg Pa
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Sorry if this has been asked, but I was unable to find anything. I have a cherry mead with an OG of 1.105 ready to move to secondary.
I want to make a skeeter pee with the slurry, but I am concerned that the yeast may be too stressed. The yeast is Kv1116. Am I OK to do this or should I just make a starter with fresh yeast?

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Apr 2010
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My first skeeter pee was off of a mead slurry. That "hot" flavor of a new mead came through in to the Skeeter Pee. It was the darndest thing ... nobody could place the slight medicinal flavor to it.

In the past few batches, I have started just using a packet of yeast for it. Adding a whole $1 to the cost of the batch is no big deal to me.

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Jan 2011
Oxford, OH
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I've now used the same Slurry 4 times. 1 Mead (Traditional Basswood) and 3 skeeters. Every time the yeast cake Grows and Grows.

It was originally 71-B, but it has become some sort of super strain. I racked my second Skeeter onto ten pounds of crushed red raspberries, and within 24 hours there was a layer of lees 2 inches thick. All that went onto the raspberries was what little yeast was in suspension when I racked it. I let it go totally dry before racking onto the raspberries, and it woke up and began fermenting so violently that I had to siphon off half a gallon () to keep it from continuously blowing the airlock out of the bung. I might rack off the berries early to keep it from fermenting %100 of them.

I racked onto my fourth skeeter last night and it has already dropped from 1.04 to about 1.035. It went 'Violent' in 30 minutes.
I may have created a monster!

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I was thinking of pitching skeeter pee onto my apfelwein yeast cake after it settles down (I'll transfer the apfelwein to secondary to sit for a few months). Anyone do this or see a problem with it? I'd think the apfelwein flavor would be overpowered by the skeeter pee, but correct me if I am wrong.
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