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Dec 2009
rapid city, sd
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I've read how some people describe a sulphur smell, but I'm not smelling that in a batch going right now.
In fact, I'd probably say the smell I'm getting is more like raspberries and this has me curious to know if this has also been the case for anyone else.

I mean, it smells so good I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, and if that's so, why does it smell so right?

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Apr 2011
, MI
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I recently brewed a Kolsch using White Labs yeast and did not detect any sulfur. I fermented at 62 degrees, and the beer came through with a nice fresh well balanced taste with a clean finish. I am drinking a glass of it right now, yum.

On the other hand, I have an ESB fermenting at the moment using White Labs Burton Ale Yeast and it smells really bad, full of swamp gas. It is at 64 degrees at the moment.

I'm sure someone with far more knowledge than I will be along here in a little while, but I think the type of yeast and the fermentation temperature have a lot to do with it. I would expect more fruity aromas out of a warmer fermentation, and some yeasts just give off that foul sulfur aroma during fermentation.

I have never had the sulfur carry through to the finished product when I have been patient and let it age before drinking.


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Mar 2010
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I've used the wyeast kölsch strain a few times with good results. Never had any strong sulfur smells from it.
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Sep 2010
Philadelphia Suburbs
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I just used Kolsch (2565) for an American Wheat recipe. No sulfur AT ALL. My fermentation notes are lacking temperature readings but I did ferment in the basement which was ~ 59-60F. So I would think my ferment temp was around 63F.

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Sep 2010
Red Deer, Alberta
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I never experienced sulphur from 2565 and I brewed 6-7 batches so far. Its the best ale yeast out there when fermented cool. Most people who tried my beers evn prefer it more than true lager strains.

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Apr 2009
Richmond, VA
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My White Labs yeasted kolsh smelled amazing during fermentation. Almost like sprite with extra fruit thrown in. It was the best smelling airlock ever.
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Jun 2010
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I just made a starter with the Wyeast Kolsch strain last night. It was my first time using it, and I definitely noticed that the yeast itself smelled pretty pleasant right out of the package. I always smell my yeast when making a starter and I have to say that this one was the nicest one I've used. Sometimes yeasts have definite funky smells to them. I'm really looking forward to how the beer with this strain turns out.

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Sep 2008
Wilmington, NC
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I just finished fermenting a 10 gallon batch with wlp029 and I got some sulpur production around days 2 and 3 of the ferment. I have used it several times before and this was the first time I noticed the sulphur smell. I have also used the wyeast version of the kolsch and did not notice any sulphur smells, but I didnt like that yeast.

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Apr 2011
Ft Collins, Co
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Originally Posted by Patrick604 View Post
On the other hand, I have an ESB fermenting at the moment using White Labs Burton Ale Yeast and it smells really bad, full of swamp gas. It is at 64 degrees at the moment.
The Burton strain is known to give sulfur aroma/flavor sometimes which makes sense on the swamp gas smell.

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