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I'm going to Seattle for a week in July. Are there any good breweries worth checking out while I'm there? I can't wait, I've never been to Seattle!

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Feb 2011
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There are a coup,e you can see. The two that come to mind. pyramid brewing...this is a larger brewing, never been there but had many of their brews. There is also Elysian brewery. This is a microbrewery with two brewpubs. They do some neat things. Have fun..

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Nov 2009
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My faves are elliot bay breweing in either west seattle or burien, pike brewing right in downtown, or big al's in white center. Red hook also does a nice tour for 1$ that comes with as many refills in your tasting glass as you want.

The weather is awesome here in July, save your money and skip the space needle and do something outdoorsy.

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Naked City. Spend the week there. It's been deemed one of the best beer bars in the world, and it was founded by HBT's own Brewtopia. If I had a week to spend in Seattle, I don't think I would leave.

Seriously. My wife and I have talked about "what if we have to move" once she gets her Doctorate, Seattle is on the short list in no small part because of this pub.

Great thread on Naked City here:
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Seattle is July -- You could not have picked a better time to visit the city!

Seattle is a great beer side ... one of the best in the nation. There are dozens of breweries in the city and some of the best beer bars in the world (yes world) here. Here are some of my favorites (I'll probably forget some, this city is that great):

Brewpubs / Breweries:

Pike Brewery @ Pike Market downtown - One of the longest run pubs in town at a great location. Call them and get a tour 'Beer Exbeerience'. It requires a reservation, but is easily the best brewery tour I've ever been on.

Naked City - North of downtown. Great brewpub, that has a selection of world-class guest taps. Also just down the street from Gorditos which makes awesome wet burritos.

Elysian - Several pubs in down, I like the Capital Hill location the best.

Black Raven - They're located across Lake Washington in Redmond, but are certainly one of the most innovative new breweries in town. I don't believe they serve food, but have a tap room.

Fremont Brewery - Nice place to have a pint (in the actual brewery) if you're in Fremont.

Big Time - Nice brewpub in the U-District. Afterwards go to Shultzy's for some sausage and German beer.

Beer Bars

Brouwers - Located in Fremont. One of the best beer bars in the world. Great food too.

Collin's Pub - Located in Pioneer Square. Awesome tap list, great food.

The Stumbling Monk - Great small hole-in-the-wall beer bar with an wonderful Belgian tap and bottle list.

Beveridge Place - The place to drink craft beer if you're in West Seattle

- Avoid -

The Tap House - There are a lot better places with better food, less taps, but way better selection (quality over quantity), and better prices.

The Brave Horse - Not a fan of the fact that I consistently got short pours there (I'm talking about 4-6 ounces short). Food is okay, but overpriced and a bit trendy.

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Old 05-09-2011, 04:37 PM   #6
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I'm not from Seattle, but I visit as often as I can. From personal experience I'd recommend Hales and Georgetown brewing in addition to the others already mentioned.

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Aug 2008
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Mac & Jack's is in Redmond and does a free tour on Sunday afternoons with tastings.

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Apr 2011
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Here is a helpful map for the Seattle area.

EDIT: and here is a bigger one for all around the Puget Sound:

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A fun road trip would be to jump a ferry to Bremerton and go to Silvercity Brewery just north of Bremerton in Silerdale. Take a short driving north to Poulsbo and have a pint on the deck at Bayside broiler (not the best beer selection or food but the upper deck is great in the summer). Then head to Bainbridge island and Winslow to The Harbour Public House, great beer selection and very good food. Then get on the Winslow ferry back to Seattle.

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Oct 2010
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@america, That second map is awesome

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