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I went probably the better part of 2 years brewing with exclusively liquid yeasts. I would brew, and to reason the expense I would harvest, re-use etc. Eventually that kind of became a hassle and I didn't brew enough to really take advantage of a killer yeast bank.

I was lucky enough to brew twice this weekend, and I decided to try dry yeasts again. They were each about half the price of a smack pack. I didn't have to mess around with a starter or anything.

Is there any kind of yeast dynamics I should expect going back to try yeasts?

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I'm a little confused by your question.
What do you mean by yeast dynamics? Fermentation is fermentation, yeast is yeast. You shouldn't experience anything different by using different yeast.
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I harvest Nottingham regularly... I treat all yeast the same post ferment. I have not bought WL380 for wheat beers in a couple years. I harvest it into a jar (grolsch bottle for my 380). My 380 is about 10 generations out with no issues.

I have one batch of 2008 notty I still use for kicks, though my notty gets repurchased a couple times a year. (okay, 2 or 3)

Yeast ranching is the way to go... and dry yeasts are quality.
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I have great results with dry yeast. I rehydrate per manufacturer instructions and have had no problems. I will only use liquid yeast if I am brewing a saison or other belgian style. IPA's will be fermented with US-05 and ESB's Stouts and porters will be fermented with US-04. I have only used Nottingham once and it performed very well.

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I started brewing using liquid yeast thinking it was the way to go. I soon learned that most of my problems with off flavors were attributed to low yeast cell count. Even after making starters I would have some problems.

Well, switched to dry yeast out of budget requirement and many of my problems are solved. I can honestly say I think a lot of it is due to stress on the yeast from not having enough oxygen in the wort. Since dry yeast doesn't need oxygenation by beers instantly improved.

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Mar 2011
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I started with liquid yeast and then i started harvesting and making starters but now im just rehydrating a bunch of nottingham and pitching new each time. For $2/ pack its way cheap and it works very well. Much easier than the hasstle of a starter and probably just as cost effective considering the price of DME.
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