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Feb 2009
Bloomington, Indiana
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So I'm an idiot. I usually exhaustively research anything that has to do with homebrewing and never let unknown materials touch my beer. This past weekend however I made a DIY hopsock and unthinkingly and happily used a galvanized steel HVAC reducer for the collar. I brewed a 10 Gal batch of light american lager that is now happily fermenting away.

Only now do I remember that galvanized steel is a big no-no for anything food related.

It was suspended over the BK for my 90 minute boil and was definitely partially dipped into the boil wort at least 3 or 4 times for second or two each time when I was screwing around with the hop sock. How big of a deal is this? Is there a real lead or other metal poising issue here or would the limited contact time and relatively small amount of galvanized steel alleviate any concerns?

I also used a galvanized steel washer and zinc plated bolt at the top of the BK to plug a whirlpool return hole in the keggle wall as well as a zinc plated steel washer and bolt to plug a thermometer hole half way up the keg.

Do I need to pitch this batch?


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Apr 2011
porsgrunn norway, lol
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Galvaniced is mostly sink IIRC
having a couple of those beers dayly shouldnt be a big problem but heavy drinking from that batch would probably not be advisable

Zinc coatings on galvanized steel do not hold up well when placed in contact with acidic foods and beverages. The zinc is converted to zinc salts which are readily absorbed by the human body. Excessive levels of these salts can cause headaches, nausea and malaise.

Foods containing citric acid such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit juice should not be in prolonged contact with galvanized steel. Foods containing lactic acid (milk and dairy products), breads, cakes, custard, buttermilk and fermented beverages should come into contact with galvanized steel cooking utensils. They should also not be stored in containers made of galvanized steel. Acetic acid in vinegar, pickles and relish can also cause corrosion in galvanized steel.

Read more: Hazards of Galvanized Steel With Food |

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Apr 2010
, Missouri
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I also used galvanized steel. My coupler for my ball valve on my mash tun is galvanized. I have been drinking these beers in large amounts and havent noticed anything but now youve got me worried. I guess it will be ok for a couple more batches until i can replace it.

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Jul 2010
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Excessive consumption of any beer will lead to nausea, headaches and malaise. I used to use, as did many others, drink water from a galvanized dipper (I know, pH). animals all over the world do the same. Is it good for you? No, but don't lets get hysterical.

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Jan 2008
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The yeast like a bit of Zinc, so they probably consume it anyway. Assuming you rack off most of the yeast, very little will end up in the final beer. But if there is Zinc in the beer, nutritionally it may help increase sperm count.

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Apr 2011
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Considering this wasn't submerged for full boil and left in the fermenter, I with about 99.924234189% certainty say you are just fine. rdwhahb.

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Aug 2009
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actually the story goes that german brewers used to "accidentally" toss in galvanized piping into their kettles. The zinc is something that is very beneficial for the yeast in modest amounts...if you check out wyeast's nutrient blend, zinc is up there on the list:

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