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Jan 2011
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I am planning on brewing a Great Lakes Burning River clone and as I drink one I am wondering on how best to achieve the grapefuit notes in this beer. Will all the cirtus notes come from the hops or can I add to it by controlling the fermentation temps. If I ferment higher or lower can I add to these flavors?

I will be using a harvested and washed Wyeast 1318 London Ale III.

Ruffled Feathers Brewery

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The citrus flavor will come from the hops. The fermentation temps will vary depending on what type of yeast you use.
Carport Brewery, Lilburn GA

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Mar 2011
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I just did a SMASH with summit hops...holy hell grapefruit if your looking for grapefruit notes I would suggest summit hops

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last time i was at GLBC i believe i remember them saying they used london ale II if that helps you. also there base malt for all there beers is Breiss 2-row for all there ales.
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Amarillo gives a nice citrus smell as well. It's one of those smells that you crave.

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for american beers with grapefruit flavor, look to cascade hops, and fermented at 70-72 degrees
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Dec 2009
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If you are able to make a beer that is close to Burning River I would be interested in knowing the recipe. Great beer from probably my favorite brewery.

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Jan 2010
louisville, kentucky
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Pasted from their website below. It sounds like the key flavor is the Cascade hops.

ABV: 6.0% ABW: 4.8% IBU: 45 GRAVITY: 14˚

Harrington 2-Row Base Malt: Allows color
and flavor from other specialty malts to come
through; makes for very clean beer
Crystal 45: Contributes to color and adds sweet
caramel aroma and flavor
Crystal 77: Contributes to color and adds slight
aroma and flavor
Biscuit: Adds toasty aroma and flavor

Northern Brewer: Traditional bittering hop for
English-style ales; provides strong bitterness to
complement full flavored pale ales
Cascade: Popular in American pale ales; provides
citrusy/grapefruit aroma and flavor
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Old 04-30-2011, 06:21 AM   #9
Jan 2010
louisville, kentucky
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Cobbled together in Beersmith based on info from their site, this should get you pretty close. I chose Nottingham so it could attenuate the beer down more than the Chico / US05 strain. Steep the grains around 155 for 30 minutes.

Type: Partial Mash
Date: 4/30/2011
Batch Size: 5.25 gal
Brewer: Rob
Boil Size: 7.11 gal Asst Brewer:
Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: Brew Pot (15 Gal) and Igloo/Gott Cooler (10 Gal)
Taste Rating(out of 50): 35.0 Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00
Taste Notes:


Amount Item Type % or IBU
5.50 lb Light Dry Extract (8.0 SRM) Dry Extract 73.33 %
1.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 13.33 %
0.50 lb Biscuit Malt (23.0 SRM) Grain 6.67 %
0.50 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L (60.0 SRM) Grain 6.67 %
1.00 oz Northern Brewer [8.50 %] (60 min) Hops 36.2 IBU
1.00 oz Cascade [5.50 %] (15 min) Hops 6.3 IBU
1.00 oz Cascade [5.50 %] (5 min) Hops 3.9 IBU
1 Pkgs Nottingham (Danstar #-) Yeast-Ale

Beer Profile

Est Original Gravity: 1.056 SG
Measured Original Gravity: 1.056 SG
Est Final Gravity: 1.013 SG Measured Final Gravity: 1.010 SG
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 5.55 % Actual Alcohol by Vol: 6.00 %
Bitterness: 46.4 IBU Calories: 248 cal/pint
Est Color: 10.3 SRM Color: Color
if god wanted us to drink beer, she would have given us stomachs

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