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Mar 2010
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Let me say that I don't have a problem NA's. I do have a porblem with: A. naming one Hoegaarden and B. making it even after your own employees hate it.


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I get an ad for the Wall Street Journal. No article...

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You need to copy and paste it, doesn't allow you to click through.

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It works if you copy and paste the address for the link instead of clicking on it.

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Its all owned by InBev, I dont see the problem.

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Jan 2008
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“Some beverages, like water, and soft drinks,” are doing better than beer, Mr. Brito said.

In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. Water? Seriously?
Squeezing Grains is ok!

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I don't see why they would try to make a non-alcoholic line of their good beers, in an attempt to hedge European market loss. I would think they would try something useful...like...making a new beer that Europeans would want to drink?

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Yeah I know you wanna just have another excuse to show your beersnob superiority by bashing inbev, but as someone who hasn't been able to drink for the last 10 weeks, except for a handful of pretty insipid N/A beers, if it tastes even remotely like it's alcoholic counterpart I think it's a great idea. And would kill for one right now (you might too if you were in my shoes....)

And just maybe it will open the doors to other breweries, both big and small to start making some different STYLES of n/a beers outside of the typical light lager and indeterminant "dark" or "amber" non alcoholic beer. It would be great to see a n/a stout, porter, cream ale, IPA, barleywine or even a witbier that someone who can't drink alcohol would be able to enjoy. And if it were an homage to the late Pierre Celi's wonderful beer, all the better. If it opens the door, I'm all for it.

It's too easy just to look at this as something to bash the "evil empire" and not something there might me big news for folks like me (and maybe you some day, if you ever have to face a serious illness, that curtails something you are passionate about, like beer.) Why don't you try going 12 weeks without any beer, and tell me just what a lousy idea it is?

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Mar 2011
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I remember seeing this stuff in the Netherlands when I was going to pick something up for my then-pregnant wife, but never tried it. The best we found was actually Bavaria 0.0% - "best" being relative, meaning it sort of tasted more like beer than anything else. I haven't seen it in the US, though.

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Jan 2011
bangor, maine
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if water sales are pitching over your beers sales its a sign that your beer is crap.

I can see the logic for making a better N/A beer line I have a friend who loves good beer but has a bad liver (genetic) so can only consume about a tablespoon full of regular beer without overloading her system. A decent line of N/A beers would be great for her. Unfortunatly IMO InBev is probably not the company to do it since 99% of their beer is crap anyhow. but they may provoke some one that knows good beer to do it.

to quote her "If my lifes on the line there is no way on gods green earth I'm drinking a F***ing budweiser" that was her reply when some one offered her a bud at a get together. it was pretty funny because the person offering her the beer was unaware of her liver condition. we did explain it to him after the fact (and after we all got a few chuckles)
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