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I havn't seen a discussion about this yet, and since I just purchased it myself, I feel safe posting.

Gordon Strong, who was awarded the Ninkasi at the last three NHC's, just released his book. In addition to his unreal success at the NHC, he is also a Level V Grand Master BJCP judge - so I guess the guy's got some credentials to back up whatever is in his book.

$12 shipped (with Amazon Prime)


I will be receiving my copy Thursday, and look forward to digging into it. I read in an interview with Strong, and excuse me if I am misquoting, that he was approached to write a book focusing on advanced brewing (with a concentration on all-grain). If that turns out to be the case, I think we are in for a treat.

I have felt there was a hole in the homebrew book market. I own a lot of books, and have some thoughts. Charlie's CJOHB gets your mind in the right place and reminds you why you brew, Palmer's HTB is a great tuturial and reference for beginner to advanced, Daniel's DGB is an incredible database from which to formulate recipes, JZ/ Palmer's BCS extracts from DGB and removes the guesswork by building proven recipes for you, Mosher's RB offers an off-centered (sorry DFH) approach to creative brewing, the JZ/ White's Yeast tells you more than you ever wanted to know about fermentation and yeast management. But I think there was a need for a book dedicated to (appropriately) brewing better beer.

Personally, I am at a point where I understand the process, so I saw the need for a book that ignores the entry level instructions and dedicates some valuable page space to (again) brewing better beer.

Has anyone already bought/read it, and if so, do you care to offer any reviews? I'll follow up after the weekend and let you know my own thoughts.


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I am very much looking forward to reading it...just as soon as I can get my hands on a copy. I see that Amazon now has it in stock.

I have all the books you mentioned and (for the most part) I agree with your assessment of each of them. In my opinion, CJOHB is teetering on the edge of being irrelevant and these days I recommend that new brewers start with Palmer's book. But that could be because that's how I started.

In any event, I have a copy of White & Zainasheff's Yeast on the way. And I'm really looking forward to Gordon's book as well.


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Reading Yeast as we speak. Only through chapter two so far and I have already learned so much. May not be information that I had to know but I'm glad I know it. May pick up this book as well as I would like to get a nice library of brewing books in my house.

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Originally Posted by Benthic View Post
. In my opinion, CJOHB is teetering on the edge of being irrelevant and these days I recommend that new brewers start with Palmer's book. But that could be because that's how I started.
I haven't dove into all-grain yet and I am still refining my extract/mini-mash techniques, I have to agree. I thuroughly read CJOHB front to back before actually brewing, and I have to say, I was still a little confused on what was important and not so important to make good beer. I think palmers book is more straight forward and informative.

I am thinking about picking up Yeast and Strongs book soon though...
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I'm about halfway through the Strong book. So far I can say it's pretty good. The foreward was entertaining. I like his upfront no pu$$yfooting around writing style and his philosophies relating to how he views homebrewing.

Although I still have a lot to read, I'd say so far it was worth the 12 and change.

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I got it through the aha pre sale and have had it for about a week. It is straight forward and ready to read. I've already used his thoughts on water in my last brew and am looking forward to getting through the whole book. He makes no bones about some of the things he has strong opinions in which is a little entertaining. It is a definate but.
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Really enjoying the book so far, and will try to change some of my processes.

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I've had it for a few days and so far I really like it. He explains his stance on homebrewing in general and what is going to be in the book and then goes for it. I have not finished it, due to having tons of stuff to do, but I think it's a great read and should be very helpful to a lot of people who are knowledgeable about AG brewing, or even someone who has read up on it, and knows they want to do it.

I won't do a complete review since I haven't read it through yet, but I would like to note that Gordon Strong feels that there is no reason to stick with extract past a few batches and explains why. The book is geared only for AG brewing and expects that you know something about it, or have at least brewed a couple of batches.

I got it on presale through AHA for less than $15 and it's been worth every penny so far, if for nothing more than for the insight Strong gives into his own (successful) brewing endeavours.

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Oct 2009
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I seem to be in the boat with most here. Got Strong's book on presale, read a bit, like it so far, but haven't read enough to really review it. I also have all the other books (except CJOHB) the OP mentions, so I'll let ya know in a bit.

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Just ordered my copy of it on Amazon. I am still reading DGB by Daniels. Finished the Yeast book a couple of weeks ago and I highly recommend it to everyone brewing, also Palmers HTB is a great book as well.
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