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Mar 2011
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I like to kill time sometimes and watch homebrew internet videos. I am always on the look out for good YouTube channels and other internet video channels for content that is really geared towards homebrewing. It is just fun to watch how other people go about brewing beer, and there is a lot of information that can be gained by watching some of these channels! Here are some of the channels that I love to follow. Please post any channels that you think I should check out!

Instructional and Professional/Vender Style Channels
Brewing TV - Part of Northern Brewer and sponsored by the Brewing Network, all homebrewers should check this out.
Basic Brewing - These guys do a pretty professional video series, and they're pretty entertaining!
Bobby M's Channel - I love the detail in his videos. I wish he would do more!
Brew Beer and Drink It - Another cool how-to style channel.
Northern Brewer TV - Geared towards promoting their store, you can learn a thing or two from their channel.
Brewing Network's YouTube - Best known for their great homebrewing podcasts, this is their YouTube channel.
Zymurgy Magazine Videos - The official AHA magazine's videos.
BeerSmith Videocast - Videos of the Beersmith Podcast, very informative, highly recommended.

Personal Homebrewing Channels
CraigTube - This man has gotten thousands into homebrewing, including myself. He's inspired many to join the ranks!
Steeljan on YouTube - Her channel is mostly about homebrewing, and she documents some cool projects.
Jakecpunut on YouTube Channel - I found it fascinating watching the evolution of this homebrewer's process. Great stuff, Jake!
Weirdbeer on YouTube - Fo consistently updates his channel with hombrewing videos. His latest as of this post was a quick bottle bomb video. Very cool!
PeiHomeBrewer's Channel - Pei is a Canadian that brews mostly extracts.
Don Osborn on YouTube - A very active vlogger that shares his vast homebrewing experience. I've learned a lot from his channel.
Nostalgia on YouTube - A few homebrew videos and interesting projects such as electric brewing. Nostalgia promises more homebrew vids for us!
Tom Roeder on YouTube - Another All Grain homebrewer. Recently did a liquid vs dry yeast experiment.
BrewTubeUK - British chap that has a small and interesting All Grain setup. He also does interesting beers like Ginger Beer.
Makebeer on YouTube - An extract brewer that does a how-to's for extract brewing.
Joseph "terpsichoreankid" on YouTube - Very long, detailed how-to all grain videos. Grade A content!
Brewing TV on YouTube - Different, briefer content than the actual show.
Nige4958 on YouTube - Um... yeah.
HokieHomeBrew on YouTube - Another all grain brewer. Some really cool stuff on his channel.
Bmeyer44 on YouTube - Another homebrewer that is a part of the YouTube homebewing community. She does BIAB.
Immolateus on YouTube - A homebrewer in the CraigTube fanbase. Lots of informative stuff here.
StumpyJoeJr on YouTube - Ryan's San Diego Beer Vlog is mostly (really great) beer reviews, but he does enough homebrew videos that I include him in this list. Great hop garden documenting.
Grapestompers - Wine and beer making how-to's by ericrichards420. Great channel!
Brewvision - Unionrd's YouTube Channel; aimed at the beginning brewer.
Yambor44 on YouTube - Homebrewing vlogs, he is big into the homebrewing YouTube community.
Leedorham on YouTube - Lots of homebrewing tips on this channel, including full brew day footage. -
Tim from HomeBrewBeerRecipes - Very active YouTuber with how-to's and even occasional contests and community ideas.
HomeBeerBrewery - Homebrewing from the Netherlands, very active homebrew vlogger.
Glitch777 on YouTube - Craziness with Eric. Always has updates for Homebrew Wednesday.
BrokenCrj on YouTube - Another homebrewing vlog. He also does a lot of Homebrew Wednesday updates.
BillyBobDick on YouTube - A homebrewer that shares his homebrewing experience with us. He's a really nice guy to boot!
Hitau on YouTube - Pronounced "High-Taw". He is an active member of the Homebrew YouTube community.
BeerGeekNation - Mostly craft beer reviews, but he does have some homebrew videos as well that feature an electric setup.
Tantrum777 - Jamison does mostly craft beer reviews, but also reviews homebrews and participates in Homebrew Wednesday. He makes a lot of high gravity, extreme beers.
TheEndosymbiosis - Another craft beer guy that also posts his brew days and homebrew reviews.
EpicBeerDude - Mostly craft beer reviews, but he has been doing a lot of homebrew videos lately with good tips.
Devon on YouTube - A UK chap who does tons of wine, mead, cider, and beer on his channel. More of a personal vlog style of channel.
HockyPlayer on YouTube - Beer rants, homebrews, and occasional anger management issues, HockyPlayer's channel is addicting!
WhatsBrewingUK on YouTube - A homebrewer out of the UK. He is doing mostly extract as of this post, but will be moving into partials and all grain soon!
MaximAvs on YouTube - A lot of good, unique tips on this homebrewer's channel. This fellow seems like a smart dude.
Dorf68 on YouTube - Homebrewing and general drunken entertainment.
DaytonBrewing on YouTube - Created the Homebrew Wednesday forum! Woot!
Mainebrewguy on YouTube - Great electric setup and do-it-yourself homebrewer.
Jakeanddar on YouTube - Cooky Canadian extract brewer.

BYOB TV - An elimination type game show put on by the Brewing Network.
Home Brewed - An up and coming web show about two chicks and their homebrewing boyfriends. They are just promoting it right now. The show is supposed to start next year.

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Jan 2009
Lansing, Michigan
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nice collection. I recommend Brewing TV! Home Brewing TV is informative but something about the guy drives me crazy and I just cant watch it.
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Mar 2011
Las Vegas, NV
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Originally Posted by EzMak24 View Post
nice collection. I recommend Brewing TV! Home Brewing TV is informative but something about the guy drives me crazy and I just cant watch it.
Just don't say that to his face... reminds me of Roy D. Mercer up in there. =D

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Aug 2009
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Thanks for the info.

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Feb 2011
Santa Rosa, CA
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You forgot to add Take Some Advice. I dont understand how anyone could not find his stuff informative.

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Dec 2009
Galloway, OH
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Originally Posted by Scoobs95407 View Post
You forgot to add Take Some Advice. I dont understand how anyone could not find his stuff informative.
This made me laugh. The guy is a nut, but part of me thinks he is doing it as an act to try and get "rises" out of people. If so he does a great job at it. If he is 100% legit, then the man is certifiably nuts.

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Feb 2011
Northwest Indiana/Chicago
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Nice, got alot of watching ahead of me, watched countless documentaries, tv shows, youtube videos, etc.

Just more to add to the list

Small homebrew facebook group for trading, advice, and general bragging. PM me if you join- http://www.facebook.com/groups/256122024462215/
One gallon brewing blog http://onegallonbrewing.blogspot.com/

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Aug 2006
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I find it odd that I'm in the "professional style" category when I'm mostly shaking camming the crap out of them with no script in sight ;-) Trust me, I'd love to do more but brewhardware.com is ruining my life ;-)
Welcome to BrewHardware.com. I love you.
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Aug 2009
Binghamton, New York
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These are some great suggestions that I will have to check out. Brewing TV is a personal favorite and always deserve a shout out. I just like to pick up small tips and tricks; you never know who will teach you what so never stop looking.

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Nov 2010
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Brewing TV is sponsored partly by the BN, but is not part of them. It is part of Northern Brewer.

The first episode I saw was when they were at Surly Brewing Co., and Jake was going on about his mustache "the Cobra". After seeing that, I didn't think I was going to like them, but the show has really grown on me. Now they are my favorite.

This is a great list, thank you for posting it. Hope it becomes a sticky!!!
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