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Jan 2008
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I am building my first mash tun and I was told by someone that I would also need to stuff additional filtering material inside the ss mesh to filter out the grist. My understanding is that the vorlauf would take care of the first bits of grist and then it would run clear. In case it helps, I ordered the ss mesh tube from since I was ordering my ball valve kit from there too. I am planning on just connecting this mesh tube up to the coupler inside my 10gal rubbermaid cooler and going to town. Anything I am missing?

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May 2009
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Here is my SS screen.

I have used just that and it works great. Collect the first runnings as it will have a bit of junk in it but it clears up really quickly.

Although now I throw cheese cloth on top of it and I dont have to collect anything because it starts off super clean.

Regardless iv had great luck with it.

BTW I doubled up the SS mesh as mine was not super super fine. Then I cut fuel line down one side and wrapped it around the edges. Fits like a glove with a little trimming.

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Jan 2010
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The SS mesh tube will work fine by itself. I've never had a bit of trouble getting clear runnings using this method.

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Thanks for posting your method - I'll lay down a paint strainer bag over my copper manfold next time I mash.
I would be a bit concerned about the fuel line tubing - not exactly food grade stuff, is it. Might regular tubing from the Home Brew store work instead?

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Here is a link w/ pics to my stainless braid in a 10 gal cooler setup.

Works great...I can get crystal clear wort with a slow vorlauf. I used to just open 'er up and let 'er rip, but I got a lot more grist and cloudiness so I take my time allowing the wort to run off and it is beautiful!!! I usually do 5.5-6 gal batches, but I have done a 10 gal and noticed no real difference. I condition my malt so the husks are fluffy and stay intact and have never even come close to a stuck sparge even when milling very fine (.032-.036") with my Barley Crusher.

You don't need any additional screen or filter. You are right on track when you said you thought the grain bed was supposed to be the real filter. The stainless braid is to keep the husks from mixing with the wort, allow the grain bed to set, and allow flow of wort out of the valve.
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