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Hi everyone,

Im looking to get into brewing and wondering what gear im needing.
Ive done a lot of reading but have 0 brewing experience, but just wanted to pass it by you's if my ideas make sense or not. Optimally, id like to avoid welding.

My plan is to start with extract brewing, making 5 gallion batches, using a pony keg for boiler/ primary fermenter then move to cornys using co2. Here is my current planned setup:

Sanke Pony Keg Boiler/Fermenter:Id like to be able to pressurize the keg, along with being able to stick my hand in and clean. I can do this by either A or B:

A) Cut 6 inch hole in the top of the sanke, (just outside of the star pattern), cut 12 inch hole in the bottom of a second keg to use as a top for the first.This way there is an overlap to add a seal and clamps to clamp the lid closed. Install 2 corny posts to the top of the sankey, one would have a dip tube with auto-siphon tip.

B) Cut hole in top of sankey and replace with corny lid. This may either be directly on the top (if i can find a pony keg without the star pattern on the top) or offset. Install 2 corny posts to the top of the sankey, one would have a dip tube with auto-siphon tip.


1) Is there any way to make the dip tube adjustable? being able to pull out or put in deeper as you drain the beer but still keeping pressure? (One idea i was thinking was to use a flex hose for the dip tube with a large metal end, then using a magnet on the outside to move the dip tube up or down as u drained the beer.)

2)Would pony sankey design A be able to hold much pressure?

3)Why dont people ferment in their boilers? any reasons not to? I see the advantages being that u only use one unit, and that it is auto sanitized.

4)Are corny keg posts easy to install? Do they have to be welded or just a hole drilled and the post be tighened on? Maybe for pony sankey design B it would be better to install 3 corny keg lids to the top of the sankey, replace the holes on two of the lids to a dip tube and other to a pressure in post.

Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated!

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Dip tubes aren't adjustable, unless you have a few to swap out at different lengths.

Being able to boil and ferment in the same vessel would be A-mazing, but you'd have a lot of hop pellet material and protein left at the bottom. It's also pretty high cost to start.

Most of what you're describing requires specialized welding equipment and experience.
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If you're not doing any sort of a transfer from boiler to fermenter you'll want to get something to aerate the wort. I personally think you'd save a lot of effort and money if you just transferred you're wort into a bucket to ferment.

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