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Apr 2011
Carpinteria, California
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So I am currently trying to decide whether I want to use Lalvin 71B or D47. I think I am leaning towards the 71B. Also I was wondering what ester and EVC are?

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Jan 2010
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If you tell us what you are planning to make, folks might have some suggestions on which will work better.

Esters means the yeast produces a lot of esters which usually give a strong, fruity aroma. EVC is enhanced varietal character - these yeast may be able to promote the aromas of some grape wines by enzyme activity that releases aroma molecules from more-complex forms. It probably doesn't mean much for traditional meads, and while it may have some impact on fruit meads, we don't really know how it affects different kinds of fruit.

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Jun 2010
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There are some people who use 71B as their "house yeast" for mead...I tend to use it for melomels (fruit meads), and use a more neutral yeast for other mead. Especially if I want it dry (which I usually prefer), I tend to use Wyeast Dry Mead strain.

I agree it'd be helpful to know exactly what you're intending to brew...
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Also, you might want to consider what temperatures you will be able to ferment at. I live in a 3 floor apartment and am lucky if I can maintain the low 70's during the summer. I've had my best luck with 71B-1122. It ferments quickly with nutrients and produces minimal fusels at higher temperatures. If you have access to a basement and can ferment in the mid to high 50's I've heard D47 works fanatastic.

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Jan 2011
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I've fermented D47 at 68-70 with great success.
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whereas I don't really like D47 (might be to do with the types of honey I have access too).

For traditionals, I go for either D21 or K1V-1116.

If it's got fruit in it, then I'll often use either K1V-1116, but I have used RC-212, though it needs more supervision as it tends to be nitrogen hungry.


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Feb 2011
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I've used 71B 1122 for everything so far, and believe my best results with it have been in my fruit meads.

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