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Sep 2010
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So my partner and I had an interesting run in with our neighbor (whom we endearingly call 'crazy' (n). She was clearly drunk as a skunk the other night at around 1AM, and let her dog loose without a leash or tether (not the first time, won't be the last) - he promptly came over and started playing with our [significantly larger] dog.

Crazy: "Get out of those ass holes yard Toby!" "Toby, come here!, TOBY!" ... ad nauseum

HWMBO: "Can you come out here and help me with this?!"

I walk out... grab her rat with long hair by the nape of the neck, and walk it out to her in the street (she knows better than to even hover her foot over our property).

Crazy: "You can't just pick him up like that!"

Me: "If this happens again, I'm calling animal control and the police."

Crazy: "You're not gonna call anyone! I know what you're doing over there with your 'Brewing'! Ya'll are METH DEALERS! I know what you're doing!" (Screaming this repeatedly, drunkenly, and in the middle of the road @ 1 in the morning on a school night.)

She then gets on the phone with her gossip buddy we always hear her squalking with on her front porch...

Crazy (over the phone): "I just called 911..."

We stayed up for a while, prepared to tell the arriving officer to issue a ticket for drunk and disorderly, but no one ever showed.

The lady has had restraining orders issued against her from neighbors in the past and has a history of not getting along/causing scenes with multiple people in the neighborhood.

Anyone got a similar story or comment on the situation? I brew AG on a propane burner in the driveway for all the world to see and have absolutely no intention of changing that, but this all just rubs me the wrong way.

One more notch on our 'we're moving soon' list.

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Mar 2011
Charlotte, NC
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Why can't I ever see this stuff on cops!?!
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Originally Posted by ryandlf View Post
Why can't I ever see this stuff on cops!?!
Probably because everyone kept their shirts on.

To the OP, that sucks that you have to put up with a crazy neighbor, but at least it seems that you find it entertaining.
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Until Oklahoma finally legalized Homebrewing I kept my brewdays mostly concealed in the garage.

Once it was legalized I stopped caring.

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I think it would be fun having a neighbor like that. I really should start brewing out in the open more this summer and see if I can get someone to call the police on me.

it probably pays off to just be nice to her, but you KNOW you wanted to call the cops yourself and have them tell her off for you.

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Dec 2009
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You're not doing anything wrong. As long as that stays the same, the only one getting in trouble if crazy calls the cops is crazy.

Also, is it weird that I want someone to call the cops on me because they think I make meth? I should move the brew operation from the back yard to the garage...

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Mar 2010
buffalo, ny
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well, maybe you should keep the meth lab part of your brew setup a little more private and maybe she wouldnt have a problem with you
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I brew on the driveway too and have had similar accusations. I fixed it in a hurry by offering them a free beer. I bring um in the garage and even let them pull the tap handles themselves. I go from suspect to hero in 1 min
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Sep 2010
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Yeah... she's entertaining, except for the fact that she kept us up a little later than we wanted to be that night.

Any good references to the actual laws of states that made brewing legal? Specifically, Georgia? Not concerned... just going to print it out on posterboard and on an easel at the end of the driveway when I'm brewing next.

We're thinking of moving up to Columbus, OH... I see several brewers from there, so the supply/community must be decent.

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Aug 2008
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I was in the middle of a move and had a bunch of brewing stuff in my car for a couple weeks. My mom came for a visit and at the time she was married to a WSP trooper. He walks past my car in the driveway, does a double take at what he sees in the back seat and asks, "So... been getting pulled over lately?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. I keep getting pulled over and they give me a warning for some dumb thing and let me go."

"It's because it looks like you have a rolling meth lab in your backseat. They're pulling you over for a ticky-tack thing to get a close look at it."

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