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Oct 2010
Winston Salem, NC, NC
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Hi all,
Today I started at 430pm, grinding grains. I toasted 2 lbs English 2row at 350 15 min, then 275 20 min. Ground those and 12lbs untoasted english malt for the base. strike water 170 5 gal, came in a little hot, brought down to 155, mashed 60 min, sparged approx 3 gal, to yield 7gal boil. Boiled 60 min.

1oz cascade 60 min
.5oz cascade 30 min
.5oz cascade 15 min
1 tab whirlfloc 15 min
1oz cascade falmeout.
Wort chiller to 71 degrees (ice cooler once temp is below 100) 25 min.
nottingham yeast pitched in starter.
beersmith said 1.064 at 80% eff. I hit 1.062 so not too far off.

did something new tonight. Someone has my funnel so I starsan'd my mashtun, dumped the cooled wort back in there from the boil pot, used a short hose to drain into the carboy, and the bazooka strained out a bit of trub. Not too much to take flavor (I don't think) but did a decent job.

I had a buddies smash beer the other day and it inspired me to do this. He took first place at foothills brewery homebrew club in Winston Salem NC. he used the same recipe, but used citra hops instead. I could not find those locally, so I used cascade.

SMASH beer is getting back to the basics and really learning your hops, yeast, malt etc. I will post how this turns out. I am excited

PS. have a founders breakfast stout clone in the primary now and also a red ale IPA still bubbling, I have 4 one gallon jugs of a smash bubbling now, but don't recommend. I will probably dump those. They are too small, overflow, no blow off tubes, they are probably contaminated. used safeale04 and 05 on those with english malt and amarillo hops. The wort tasted amazing! I was trying to learn 5 different yeasts on the same brew, but too much trub, too little room, blow off's, not a good scene. I will just do a smash each brew day with the same recipe, but different yeast, then start moving to different hops, and saving bottles from each batch... should be fine, what is the rush right?

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Mar 2011
Tampa, Florida
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Dont toss them! I look forward to hearing how this turns out.

I almost brewed a Maris otter and cascade SMaSH but at the last minute used centennials for bittering. It's at 8 days fermenting now.

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Sep 2008
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Howdy neighbor! Sounds like a great beer. Toasting the 2-row should add a nice touch.
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Oct 2010
Winston Salem, NC, NC
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Ah - you almost had a SMaSH then. AND, I still have three of the one gallons, and it is the same smash (eng 2 row and amarillo) with two using safeale04 and one with 05. So hopefully I can tell the difference. I know 04 was a LOT more aggressive in the beginning, but 05 became more aggressive and even blew out the turbo etc and I was fermenting at 68 degrees.

So, right now I have the breakfast stout clone (recipe from this board) and the foothills guys even said this was a complex brew, so I was happy they said that. I was able to bring them something they don't often brew (complexity) - Oh, we have 15 gallons, so plan to do three things. 1st 5 gallon we will leave alone.. 2nd 5 gallons we will oak only in the secondary for a month, and the third 5 gallon we are going to bourbon oak for one month in the secondary. When we put it in the primary, we started soaking oak chips in bourbon that night, so they are about to get put in the secondary on Sunday.

I have a SMASH beer in a 5gal primary cascade and eng 2 row. 1.064OG I do hope the toasting adds something special! My wife ate it out of the pan and loved it. I about had to stop her from making granola bars... haha

I have a red ale IPA, used carared and carapils with eng 2row as base, so the head should be good, mashed in at 157 for higher body, OG still 1.072, very hoppy, and will be dry hopped with amarillo. I am calling this "Big Hoppy Red Head"..lol I did add a secret ingredient and I want to see if the foothills guys can pick it out. I will post it here, since they don't read this forum much. In the red IPA I added 1 lbs oatmeal for smooth mouthfeel, but I have never really seen it used in something other than dark stouts/porters.. anyone ever do this with a lighter brew or red ale?

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May 2010
Eugene Oregon
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Nice, let us know how it turns out. I also did a couple SMaSH brews with MO, one with cascade the other with centennial hops. I'm going to do at least 2 more. Its nice to be able to crack open a couple beers and really taste the difference in the hops.
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