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Apr 2011
Morristown, NJ
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Hi all,

Brand new to this website and new to brewing. Got my equipment yesterday and am brewing on Easter. In preparation, I have 7 cases of bottles and I'm trying to get them ready. Heard about Oxyclean so I soaked a bunch of bottles in a solution overnight. Labels came right off but the problem is that there is a residual residue inside and out. I filled each bottle with water to keep them submerged. Is there a better way to use Oxyclean so that there is no residue? Maybe only fill the sink just below the neck with the oxyclean water, but put plain/fresh water in the bottles to keep them from floating (and keep all bottles standing up so that no oxyclean gets inside the bottles)? These bottles were clean as hell (plus labels) before Oxyclean and now look terrible and I don't trust the cleanliness of the insides.

Thanks a lot.

Morristown, NJ

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Mar 2010
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After using oxyclean, you're going to want to rinse it off the bottles (inside and out) before putting beer in them. You'll also need to sanitize them. Read some of the threads on here about cleaners and sanitizers.

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Just rinse them after, its the only way to get rid if the oxyclean film. Or run them in the dish washer on the rinse only setting, no soap
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I am a little confused about the residue inside and out. When the perfume and dye free version of oxiclean is used on glass, I've never had it leave a visible residue.

If the bottles were not well rinsed after their first use, then they had a bunch of mold and fungus growin at the bottom in the beer residue. In my experience, oxiclean will not get rid of this material by itself. You first need to use a bottle brush with soap and scrubbing.

The outside residue is presumably the left over adhesive from the labels. Some labels will come off clean with oxiclean, but most will leave this adhesive. It's usually soft and will come off easily with a scrub using one of those two sided sponges.

If you do have to scrub out the gunk from a bottle of beer, I've give it another oxiclean treatment after the bottle brush cleaning.

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Sep 2009
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I despise this about oxyclean, however it is an easy fix.. As you remove each bottle from the oxy soak, rinse it and drop it into a bucket of starsan. let it set a few minutes and viola the residue is gone.
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I experimented with many different methods of removing lables. Oxyclean works the best for me. I just rinse thouroughly inside and use a scrubber pad to remove any lable residue or oxyclean residue.

As far gunk inside that oxyclean won't remove I just add a little bleach with water to the bottle and let it soak over night and they come clean.
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Dec 2010
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Oxyclean leaves a residue on my bottles as well. It is because of hard water. I use vinegar and water mixture or lemmishine to remove the film.

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Nov 2010
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Here's what I do, worked like a charm:

1) 15 minute Oxyclean soak in hot water to remove labels and clean the inside.
2) Shake the bottle, pour water out.
3) Rinse bottles in dishwasher, no soap. Came out sparkling clean and squeaky.
4) Sanitize with your no-rinse sanitizer.
5) Place on drying rack (which is my dishwasher rack).

I rinse my bottles as I finish them, if they either had homebrew or commercial beer in them. Therefore they'll have no gunk in them when it's time to reuse them.
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. .. .so, could be a process issue; when I use oxy to remove labels, I fill the bottles full of tap water first, then stand them up in a plastic bin and fill around them with oxy+water up to the neck, the solution never gets inside the bottles. I then use a green scratching pad under hot water to rinse off the outside and remove any lingering glue.
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I grab a bucket filled with water when I remove bottles from oxyclean. Dunk, swirl, dump. Leave dry. I still get some residue right at the bottle lip but my water is hard as hell and get that ever with out oxyclean.
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