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Mar 2011
Burnsville, Nc
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Just walked into the room I ferment in and the temp was 75F. Took my cooking/steak thermometer a stuck it in some water that was next to the buckets. The temp of the water was 68F. Does that mean the beer in my buckets and my corny kegs is alright. Is their usually a difference in atmospheric temps and temp of my beer.

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Feb 2010
colorado springs, colorado
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usually, from what i know, the temp inside the bucket is higher than the temp outside the bucket...
ambient temp=70
bucket temp =75+
when your beer is fermenting, its temp is a bit higher than the ambient because it is a violent procedure..
and that makes heat...
(yeast eats sugar...)

you will learn to leave the lid on the bucket, if you take it off you won't ruin it
but it will then have to build the CO2 back up.. time, my not quite up to speed sibling, time...

Reason: other stuff

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Jul 2010
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^^^ Punctuation goes a long way. ^^^

If your beer is fermenting then it will most certainly be warmer than ambient temps as well as a bucket of water sitting in the same room. If it is not fermenting it will be quite close to the temps of the bucket of water assuming the volumes are similar.

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Fermentation can raise the temp inside your fermentation vessel by as much as 10 degrees. Get one of those stick on thermometers for the outside of your carboy/bucket it will help.
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Nov 2010
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Agreed, yeast eating sugar is an exothermic process so the fermenting wort would be higher temp than just water. How fast the yeast is acting determines how much the temperature will increase. As you near the lower temperature range of the yeast, its activity is slowed and the temperature increase is less than if you were near the top of its temperature range.

All that above said was, keep your wort cooler. Put it in a tub of cool water and some of the heat from the ferment will be transferred to the water. The cooler the water, the more heat can be transferred. Just don't cool it so much that the yeast quit working.

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Feb 2010
colorado springs, colorado
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Originally Posted by chaydaw View Post
^^^ Punctuation goes a long way. ^^^.
yep.. i love punctuation..
grammar is pretty cool too...
oh yeah.. and spelling..

..did i mention drinking homebrew?

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