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That would depend on the calcium content. If that were high enough, the pH high enough and enough DAP added to raise the total phosphate level sufficiently apatite (calcium hydoxyl phosphate) would precipitate just as it does with the phosphate from malt. But malt contains as lot of phosphate - almost 2% by weight. As yeast nutrients seem to be used and the fraction of a tsp per 5 gal level and contain things in addition to DAP I'm guessing that in most cases there wouldn't be enough phosphate added to stimulate precipitation.

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Well we brewed this weekend built our water from my friends water hit all our number using ez water and borrowed a ph meter, our mash ph was 5.3.
All of our gravity readings pre boil and post boil we dead nuts and it was fermenting like crazy the next morning.

Thanks for all the advice.


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Hopefully you guys are still watching this one. I have not been very pleased with my beers lately. I have been getting a harshness/astringency. I really like the idea of using my own water without having to buy a RO system or haul water.

I have a total mental block when it comes to chemistry but I know I need to learn some of it to make good beers. I have never considered the Alkalinty=0, RA=-30. I brewed a beer recently that I was not very happy with. I just changed the additions (only lactic) which gets me in the suggested ALK/RA range. Anybody see any problems with this? It almost seems to easy.

Starting Water (ppm):Ca:31.9Mg:13.9Na:2.6Cl:4.1SO4:14.4CaCO3:123Mash / Sparge Vol (gal):4.84/12.2RO or distilled %:0%/0%Total Grain (lb):15.5Non-Roasted Spec. Grain:4.5Roasted Grain:0Beer Color (SRM):2.8Adjustments (grams) Mash / Boil Kettle:CaSO4:0/0CaCl2:0/0MgSO4:0/0NaHCO3:0/0NaCl:0/0CaCO3:0/0Lactic Acid (ml):2Sauermalz (oz):0Mash Water / Total water (ppm):Ca:32/32Mg:14/14Na:3/3Cl:4/4SO4:14/14Cl to SO4 Ratio:0.28/0.28Alkalinity (CaCO3):-5RA:-36Estimated pH:5.55

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