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Jan 2010
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In light of the awesome responses I got in that tofu thread, I thought I'd once again take advantage of the wealth of knowledge on these boards and ask, how does one make awesome hot sauce? In a spice nut, and the stores near me have pretty mediocre hot sauce selections. I'd like to make my own, and was wondering if anyone here had any sweet recipes they wouldn't mind sharing.


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Official Hot Sauce Making thread.

Hot sauce and bbq sauce.
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You can buy chile mash online and mix in your own vinegar and spices.

If not you would have to age the chilies yourself.

Have you had Tapitio or Valentina (sp?), these are cheap hot sauces that you can find at walmart and they are great. I always have those, Red Devil, Chalula, red hot, tabasco chipolte and rooster in the fridge. I get special hot sauces along the way but those are staples in our house. My wife is even into hot sauce now that I taught her that they can be used for flavor enhancement and not just heat! WOOHOO!
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Jan 2010
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Thanks revvy! I'll look there for sure

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Mine is very simple. In a pan with a little olive oil, Sauté a pound of sliced jalapeños with a small sliced onion & a tablespoon or two of minced garlic (the kind in a jar that's not dry). If the jalapeños aren't hot enough add some red pepper flakes. When the onion is translucent put it in a blender & add enough white vinegar so it will blend. Add Kosher Salt to taste. Cheers!!!
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Originally Posted by mikebowman View Post
...and the stores near me have pretty mediocre hot sauce selections.
Serious question and not trying to dispute or anything. My grocery store has a ginormous section devoted entirely to just hot sauces. It's like everyone and their brother makes a hot sauce these days. So...amongst all those selections are there not at least a few that are actually really good? I usually stick to Crystal/Cholula/Tabasco Chipotle/Rooster sauce but probably because I'm overwhelmed by all the other choices.

Not that that has any bearing on whether people like to make their own. Some people are actually crazy enough to brew their own beer so homebrewing hot sauce doesn't seem so strange.
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Jan 2011
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Depends on what you are talking. If you are talking about the hot sauce that comes in a jar like the ones others have mentioned the best one is El Yucateco Green Habanero Hot Sauce. If you are talking salsa hot sauce that you make at home with fresh ingredients I make a killer one that I stole from my wife. Heres the break down:

2 med lrg chopped tomato
3 cloves fresh minced garlic
1/2 cup of fresh chopped cilantro (no stems)
2 green onions minced
4-5 jalapeños
1 habanero (optional, very hot)
1 can of Green El Pato Sauce
Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

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Oct 2010
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El Yucateco Green Habanero Hot Sauce.
not vinegary and you can taste the habaneros

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Amen to the El Yucateco. I keep a bottle of both the green and the red around both the house and the office.
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Mar 2011
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I think Marie Sharp's habanero hot sauce from Belize is the best I have tried.
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