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Dec 2010
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Originally Posted by rwagner23 View Post
After discussing with a master roaster at a local coffee shop in Frederick, MD we decided that an extreme espresso blend would go perfectly with the RIS. At about 32oz. I basically did a cold brew with a french press. Boiled the water. Let it cool in the fridge. Added grains and press. Let it sit for a few days in the fridge. Then added directly to the secondary.
Thanks! I will go with this and see how it turns out. How did it turn out for you or i'm guessing its still in the secondary?

And no one had a file of the recipe they want to share...

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Oct 2011
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If you have beersmith you will be better off to create the recipe yourself based on your equipment and efficiency. I would share mine but I did a parti-gyle type of production. The Big beer hit 1.094 and the small beer was about 1.042. If this is what you want to do you should start a thread and I will post to it with directions on how I did this with beersmith.

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Aug 2012
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I have chunks a bourbon oak barrel to put in my secondary for this beer. Would it not make a more complex flavor if I leave them in for 4-6 months? Or would the bourbon flavor become to overpowering?

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Dec 2010
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Well I made this beer last week Thursday and all went well, except i didn't even come close to the Final Gravity. I hit 1.080 with an efficiency of 60%. I will have to work on that somehow. I also took 2.5 gallons of second running's...never did take the SG but guessing its pretty low. Going to try some different stuff with this.

Anyways it took less then 30hrs to get going and I cant wait to taste this in 8 months or so.

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Dec 2008
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Hoplife, I was planning on doing a parti-gyle with this also. I wanted to do a 5g batch of the big beer and a 10g batch of the small beer. I would be adding grains for the second beer. Any info on what you did would be helpful.
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Has anyone sour'd this?
Thinking of using this as a base for a Rhubarb Sour with Wyeast 3278
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Sep 2011
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Can you suggest a replacement for the Special B?

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Aug 2011
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I used the same amount of crystal 120 tasted fine to me.

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Jun 2012
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I used this recipe as a base for mine and here is what I ended up using -
12 - LBS: LME - Pale
1.5 - LBS: Marris Otter
1.5 - LBS: Roasted Barley
1 - LBS: Special B
1 - LBS: Crystal 150L
.75 - LBS: Chocolate Malt
.5 - LBS: Cara-Pils/Dextrine
.5 - LBS: Black Roasted Barley
4 Ounces - Black Patent

OG ended up at 1.104

Also, how long did your guys' air lock bubble for? I put this 5 gallon batch in a 13 gallon container for primary and double pitched Wyeast 1098. It went crazy for the first 3 days but has slowed down on day 4 to a few bubbles every 10 seconds.

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Apr 2012
Fallbrook, ca
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I have a pale ale on wlp090 San Diego super yeast how would this beer turn out if I washed that yeast an used it for this RIS?
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