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Aug 2009
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So I planted some rhizomes last year, and I don't think they got enough sun, so I was thinking of moving them to a sunnier place.

Any tips on digging these up and moving them? I do already have a couple of sprouts coming up on each one...
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Jan 2011
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you need a shap knife garden trowel and a shovel. Pick a spot 1-2 ft from the crown and put the shovel in and see what happens. then with the trwoell uncover bines and roots. sharp knife to cut roots(and some bines what the hey ur moving em might as well 2x ur stash). it took me like 30 min to get all roots and crown and rhizomes separated from 1 3 yr old plant when i had to move mine. Im sure you can do it faster, but i had all day.

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Jan 2010
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How deep did they go? Was the root system wide and shallow or deep and narrow?

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Great topic since I'm moving and I really want to take my hops with me.

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Dec 2009
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I planted three types last year, cascade, nugget and willamette all in pots. I didn't get any hops but, being that they were first year plants, I didn't expect any either.

That being said, this year, I moved them from their pots about two weeks ago and replanted them in a part of the yard that sees a lot more sunlight. When I went to move the pots from their original spots, I discovered that the roots on the cascade and nugget had found their way through the bottom of their pots. I dug up about eight inches of root from the ground and worked them out of the pots and replanted them.

I'm happy to report that all three are doing well. After two weeks, the cascade has grown about four feet, the nugget about a foot and a half and the willamette, just like it did in the pot, hasn't grown too much yet... But, I expect it will as the season progresses.

I didn't really do anything special when I moved them. I just dug a hole deep enough to accomodate the salvaged root structure and used a mix of dirt and fresh potting soil.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, just figured I'd throw the whole story in!
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