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Originally Posted by djamwolfe
thanks everyone or the replies --- I was only thinking this so SWMBO doesnt complain that im brewing all day. I think I may try this in the future as I see no harm leaving the mash at 152 for an extended period of time.
Just curious about the souring, is that created by lacto or some other bacteria? If so wouldn't that be avoided by keeping the mash temps up?
Thanks again

I believe in general the majority is Lactobacillus, but you always have the opportunity to pick up some other guys like Acetobacter (makes vinegar). The thing is as long as it is pre-boil you're in good shape if you like the sourness. Oh one other thing you could do....rather than mash overnight, why not mash and lauter, put it into a ss vessel and place the whole thing covered somewhere cold. Now this would probably be the best method of avoiding souring as you drop the temperatures. The biggest problem is the warm tun is a nice breeding ground, but get it cold and they get cold feet
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The souring method has been around since the beginning of time. In fact, it is the first method to successfully brewing a beer. Ancient civilizations would dough in and then let the whole thing rest for 1,2 or even 3 days, depending how sour they wanted the beer. Then they would squeeze the dough ball and drain the liquid. They would dring this liquid for medicinal purposes, spiritial rituals or party. This is also the technique (similar) to making Lambic.

So go forward, try it out. You will be pleasantly surprised.

- WW

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The best trick is to add as much extra hot water to the tun at mash out as possible. The extra energy and water mass will reduce temperature loss (not the heat loss, just temperature). As was mentioned 120-130F is the critical point.
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mabye this coming weekend ill give it a try with a simple gain bill -- mabye a wheat or something. We will see what happens.
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