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Mar 2011
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I had the airlock blow off sometime in the first 12 hours of fermentation. I was really worried about it having been infected because I did not catch it right away but going off the advise here and elsewhere, I just relaxed. 2 weeks later I racked to the secondary because I needed the primary. When I tasted it, there was a terribly bitter taste. I was still worried but set it aside for 2 more weeks. Yesterday I bottled the brew. When I taste tested it, while still a slight bit bitter, the flavor was not bad at all and the color was very pretty and spot on for a Belgian Ale.

Even though I am new to this, based off my experience, I don't think your batch is ruined.

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Originally Posted by Florenz View Post
Ok, so let me start by saying that I know that I should have known better even though this is my first batch. I'm making a dunkelweisen. The fermentation activity was very lively and foam was coming through the top of my airlock last night. Against better judgment I did not put a blow off hose on. As I should have expected I found my airlock on the floor and quite a mess to clean up when I woke up this morning.

I sanitized the bung and made an improvised blow off tube this morning. My question is: Is my batch totally ruined? There is still quite a bit of fermentation activity and I heard that there is little risk of infection while the fermentation is going on.


your probably fine if fermentation is vigorous more likely than not the co2 will push any bad stuff away from the bung opening.
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At least you weren't fermenting in your closet full of clothes when the air lock blew off!!!

Side story, I was fermenting a Coffee Oatmeal Stout in the closet of my master bedroom with a blowoff tube going into a 1 gallon container full of water.

Apparently my wife was up all night hearing funny noises. It kept her up all night. In the morning she described the noises that she kept hearing and why she was exhausted.

I had to laugh and let her know my beer was in the closet! SWMBO did not find it as funny as I did.

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Mar 2011
Carbonear, Nl
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You should be fine. My father said when he used to brew they wouldn't even really cover the bucket. Pull a pillow case down over the bucket with a big elastic band to hold it tight, lol. Yu should be fine. The cover on my second batch hasn't sealed, I say drink it up and give it another go.

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Watch these videos of one of my beers...that came out fine.

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Mar 2011
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Thanks everybody for your feedback. Blow off tube is on and fermentation activity is still ongoing, although not as vigorously. I'm amazed at all of the quick responses by everyone. I really appreciate it! Thanks again!

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Aug 2012
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looks like me first beer too a IPA and Wheat both did that too nothing happen to them
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Mar 2013
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Bumping an old one. This just happened to me, a slower start than usual with my yeast and a good bit of head space left me throwing an airlock on rather than my usual blow off tube.

Came home today to find the airlock on the ground next to the carboy. Krausen was foaming out the top of the carboy. I grabbed the airlock, stole the bung, and sanitized it. Then I scooped out the first few inches of krausen in the neck of the carboy with a sanitized spoon and threw a clean blow off tube on.

I've read many posts on this but am still antsy. I'm thinking I'm in pretty good shape all things considered since the krausen likely provided a barrier between the clean beer and bacteria floating in the air, right?

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Luckily my first brew did not have any blow off. I did ferment for a day a little high so while looking around for advise I found HBT. I have used a blow off tube at the start of every fermentation since and the only clean up is the catch basin.

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Better out than in I always say.....

Sorry, couldn't help myself

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