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Feb 2011
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I just racked a 5 gallon batch of milk stout to the secondary. After doing this, I poured off enough yeast sediment (WLP023 - Burton Ale Yeast) to fill a pint sized mason jar (Yes I sanitized it). I wasn't planning to wash it as I don't want to mess with that yet and I have two questions.

1)Will that be enough yeast to use for a future batch?

2) Should I restrict myself to only using this yeast for a similar style of beer?

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Do you make yeast starters? If so, make a starter with that and you'll be good. It is probably enough otherwise too depending on the beer style/size. For your second question, I like to experiment with yeasts and see how things turn out, that's the fun about making beer, give it a shot with other styles and see what comes out of it. If it's good, great, if not chalk it up to learning. You may want to adjust your hop usage to fit the style of yeast too.

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1. Totally depends on how "clean" or "pure" a sample it was. If it had a lot of other materials in it then it maybe enough. If it was fairly clean then that is plenty.

2. I try and go from lighter color/flavor/alc up to heavier with my yeast. My ability to sense problems from not doing this is limited so at the moment it doesn't really matter.

However I will say this; I ran a little experiment when I first got into AG and used the same grain, hops, temps with only changing the yeast. I was floored by the flavor changes just the yeasts can bring. So as I get better I imagine I will become more careful with my yeast buddies.

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