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Definitely too much lemon-lime, IMHO. Was not expecting so much. This was wacky experimentation, but in the end, aside from the novelty of a lemon-lime beer, I don't think it works. It's just weird. No malt character, just like alcoholic lemon-lime.

Actually there is zero rind in here. The lime comes from lime basil, this cool variety of basil that tastes like lime but not basil at all. The lemon comes from lemon verbena leaves.

I told you this one was weird. I don't expect people to like it , so don't be shy. Thanks fer your honesty, though. This won't get a repeat , but it was fun to try it anyway...and there's always a special place in my heart for beer made with ingredients from my own garden.

Originally Posted by the_bird
Lemon-lime pale ale:

First thought was - a lot of hops. Lot of aroma. Piney/resiny at first, I thought initially I was getting into an IPA. Very clear, nice orange color.

The citrus really comes through. It's complementary to the hops. I just had a little belch that was 100% lime, though. The more I drink, the more the lymon comes through in the flavor. Carbonation is good. Beer is pretty thin, but that's good for the style.

I am picking up a bit of a harshness in the flavor, I think it may be coming from the rind. I'm assuming there's real citrus in this? I think I'm picking up a bit of the pith, it's sitting on top of my tongue. The lymon is definately getting stronger as the beer warms up.

I'm really not sure how I feel about this one. Your smoked porter was one of the best homebrews I've had, miles beyond how mine came out. The cherry stout isn't my favorite style, but I thought it was a very good execution of the style and a very drinkable, quenching beer. This one; that pithy bitterness is bothering me. Ialmost want to say it tastes a little waxy? It's not going away, either, it stays on the tongue.

I'm going to let it sit for a few minutes and see how it delelops as it warms up. I'm suspecting that maybe it's just a little too heavy on the lemon/lime. I don't know.
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