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I brewed two batches last week. A stout on Tuesday which is still fermenting great and Friday I made an IPA.

We pitched the yeast at about midnight friday night, and I still have no activity in the lock (after about 36 hrs). I made a starter so I know something has gone wrong. Here are some facts that I think are pertinent.

I made my starter with running's form a blond ale. It was a 20 oz starter and the OG was about 1.044.

The OG of my wort was 1.062, and i chilled the wort to 65 F

I did not decant any of the starter liquid since they were similar in color, I had a really good pad of yeast at the bottom.

I was using a wyest London ale smack pack.

HELP!!! What do i do know? I just picked up another smack pack and I am thinking about just smacking that guy and pitching it directly into the wort. Should try to re-airate the wort? Should I wait? Why the hell did this one not work when I used the same procedures with the stout and it is fermenting like a champ!

Please help me save that big bucket of hoppy deliciousness.

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Some will tell you that you need to wait 72 hours before panic time.

Wait a another day or two before pitching anything else and then take a hydro sample to see if some stealth fermenting has happened.

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First, relax.
Second, be prepared to admit that what you know is only what you think you know; and that what you think you know is not necessarily correct.
Third, wait for at least 48 hours after pitching before even considering that anything could be wrong.
Fourth, if you don't have any obvious activity after 48 hours, pry open the lid and take a peek. If you see obvious signs of fermentation, close the lid, wait for a few weeks, and try to convince yourself that you worry unnecessarily.
If you don't see any obvious signs of fermentation, sanitize a turkey baster and take a gravity reading. If the gravity has not dropped at all, then you are allowed to become mildly concerned.
If the starter took off, then it is going to start fermenting. It just might take a little while to start, but 36 hours is for too soon to worry about.

There are only 10 types of people in this world. Those that understand binary, and those that don't.

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Jan 2011
Columbus, OH
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This is about my 9th AG batch and I have had such great success before that this slow start made me worry a bit.

I was having a conversation with my homebrewing buddy and we were talking about what could have happened and you are right a, there is absolutely nothing I know for certain.

I will give this guy another 24 hours and take a peek.

Thanks for relieving a newbies worried head. It is time to do as Papazian does, Good thing I have a vanilla porter sitting in the fridge!

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