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Mar 2011
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i just started brewing my first batch using the extremely bootleg methods i found on youtube (fruit juice with some sugar, bread yeast, and a condom as an airlock).

i've got a couple questions for y'all here. the first is, does concentrate make a difference? also, for some reason, with one of my airlocks, the holes weren't letting the co2 out so it became really inflated and when i punctured a new hole, it started jizzing frothy **** out everywhere. did that contaminate the bottle or will it go alright?

also, it seems like one of my bottles fermented fully in two days, which seems ridiculously fast from what ive read so far. the sitch with that bottle was that i used 1.5l of orange juice and a full 5g packet of fast activating baker's yeast. i didnt add any of my own sugar to the mix. do you think something could possibly progress that fast?

finally, i was curious as to y'alls filtering methods. i first used a strainer contraption that was used to make espresso, but its holes were too big and it let some sediment and yeast through. i then switched to coffee filters, but they took forever and clogged real easy so that i had to use around 8 of them to filter 1.5l of beverage.


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I believe that you have to be of legal drinking age to be here.
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Originally Posted by darkmongoose View Post
the sitch
This is the second time today I have heard this word used as an abbreviation for 'situation'. I can't say I'm a fan.
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I also HATE that attitude that I NEED TO BE MONITORED. Don't Tread on Me MF.
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