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Jan 2007
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Thought you would all get a kick out of this story. Might take awhile but read cause its pretty funny.
I am a pilot and i am always away. Currently and for the last 3 month i havent technically lived anywhere. Since this new hobby has consumed me for the past 5 months i needed a place to brew my beer and leave it while i am away. I had been holding on to some indgredients for about a month. I knew i had to use them or they would go to waste. Where better than at mom and dads right. (yes i am over 18 and no my mom doesnt walk me to the plane). This is where the story gets good. I have only seen my dad drink two times in my entire life. Literally. My mom i have yet to ever see a drop of alcohol ever touch her lips. They are both very religious however my dad is not opposed to alcohol just chooses not to drink for health as well as beliefs. On the other hand my mom thinks alcohol is the devil and if drank you will be an alcoholic and go straight to hell.
I had some time off and decided, damn it im going to brew my beer at moms. I did catch a little resistance initially but it was short lived. I started to brew and she became interested and as time went on she asked some questions. I put the beer in the primary and had to leave to go back to work thinking i was going to be back at home in a week. After this week went by and me not getting back to put it in the secondary i began to worry. I reluctantly asked my mom to help me, only to find that she was chomping at the bit to get involved. Over the phone i instructed her what to do (which is not an easy task). And with each time i called home she asked more questions.
Today i finally got back to the parents house to rack my beer. While driving i talked to my mom on the phone and she asked if i was going to bottle the beer when i got to her house. I replied, yes. she was very excited and couldnt wait for me to get there so she could see the end (or close to the end) result and help bottle. From bible thumper to home brewer in one brew session. To this i name my IPA. MAGGIE ANN'S IPA.

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Dec 2005
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now if you could get her to chip in for supplies
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Now that right there is a true 'religious' conversion!

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Jan 2007
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That is a truly inspirational story.
Nothing until I figure out if I can make it happen over in the UK.

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That's an awesome story td. I can't get anyone around me involved, and SWMBO is only marginally interested. (providing she gets a decent tasting Hefe out of the deal) But everyone tolerates it. I figure if I have to put up with some members of the family drinking Busch Light (God help me. Shakes my head) then they can put up with whatever the hell I choose to drink when the mood takes me.

Sounds like your Mom likes to cook, and was fascinated by the process.

Rock on Mom!!!!

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Ever since I went AG, everyone wants to come over and watch me brew. However, I think I might actually be turning people AWAY from homebrewing because of all my fancy gadgets and such. They rarely want to get involved, but they really enjoy watching the whole process in motion. I try to explain (over and over) that my rig is much more complex than it has to be in order to make just works for me, and it allows me to use all grain rather than extract (and another discussion about malt extract ensues). Fortunately, I'm brewing 15 gallon batches, so my friends can have homebrew whenever they like!
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My mom's a freakin SCIENCE teacher and thinks it's stupid. But, YO! It's exactly the kind of stuff she teaches.
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