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View Poll Results: Are you allergic to onions?
Nope! 99 91.67%
I am definitly allergic. 1 0.93%
I hate onions so I tell the pizza guy I'm allergic. 2 1.85%
I hate onions, but don't say that I'm allergic. That's crazy! 6 5.56%
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Old 03-20-2011, 07:08 AM   #11
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Jul 2009
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Originally Posted by curlyfat View Post
I've never met anyone that was allergic. However, I talk to random people almost daily that claim to be. I manage a pizza restaurant, FYI. I swear everyone that doesn't like them says they're allergic. I was curious if this is actually a common allergy that I just never ran into outside of pizza world.

This sample, anyway, is looking pretty conclusive so far...

" If you feel strange discomfort and breakout of rashes etc after consuming onions, you suffer from a rare onion allergy. This allergy is caused by exposure to or consumption of onions"

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Old 03-20-2011, 07:09 AM   #12
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Jul 2009
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Originally Posted by curlyfat View Post
Good God, no! I darn-near eat them like apples!
The white sweet ones are pretty good to take a bite out of.. skanky brown ones make me turn inside out.

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Old 03-20-2011, 10:11 AM   #13
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May 2010
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While people often give me the old line, "No onions on that, I'm allergic", the catalyst to this thread was exceptional.

Lady: I want a large BBQ Chicken pizza with no onions. I'm deathly allergic to onions, so please make sure there's not even a tiny bit on there.

Me: No problem. Although, I should let you know that there are onions in the sauce we use on that pizza.

Lady: I don't think so. I had it this way last time and didn't taste any.

Me: Ok. You got it!.....

While this sort of interaction is not uncommon in"blue-collar" community, it became painfully obvious that she was not "allergic", but she just really wanted to make sure that us stupid food-industry folks made sure there weren't any icky onions on her pizza.

It prompted me to see how many people out there are (or think they are) allergic to onions. I've always suspected that this almost daily assertion of allergy was false, but this just pushed it over the edge.

If someone in HBT land really is allergic to onions, that'd be interesting to know!

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Old 03-20-2011, 02:10 PM   #14
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Apr 2010
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SWMBO HATES onions and uses the allergic line but i know its not true as i have used onions in dishes and as long as they are not visible and not to strong she eats them with no issues.

While a allergy to onions might be a RARE thing, I think people who don't like onions just say they are allergic.

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Old 03-20-2011, 03:31 PM   #15
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Feb 2010
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I think I might be allergic. Every time I'm around fresh cut onions, I start having an allergic reaction w/ my eyes turning red and watering profusely..oh, the horror!!

Actually, I used to hate onions as a kid, but I eat 'em all the time on most anything now.

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Old 03-20-2011, 03:47 PM   #16
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Nov 2007
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I wouldn't call it an allergy, but don't tolerate them well. Fresh onions are much worse than dehydrated or powder.

It's amazing what percentage of grocery store items has onions as an ingredient!

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Old 03-20-2011, 03:54 PM   #17
Dec 2008
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I think some lesser educated people somehow have mixed up allergy with intense dislike.

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Old 03-20-2011, 08:24 PM   #18
Mar 2011
round lake, il
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I'm not exactly allergic but every time I have them, I get some of the worst heartburn (doesn't matter what they are in/with).

I did know a guy who was allergic. Had to carry an epi pen with him all the time. Was not pretty when they put onions on his burger at McDs

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Old 03-20-2011, 08:31 PM   #19
Mar 2010
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I love onions! I eat them like apples every now and then.

I couldn't imagine having a food allergy. I grew up as the kid that would eat anything, and everything, and all of it if it was placed in front of me. I'm still that way somewhat, but I've been watching my diet. I've always been told to keep a roof over my "head", but now the roof is starting to sag...
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Old 03-20-2011, 10:50 PM   #20
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Jun 2010
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SWMBO thinks I might be allergic. Every time I eat sauteed onions the bedroom stinks! Hmmm, think I need to see a professional?

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