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Mar 2011
Nova, Va
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Hello all,

This is my first brewing experience. I am a victim of my own stupidity. I need help. I am making an autumn ale, and followed the directions perfectly all the way to primary fermentation. Primary fermentation was in my 7 gallon ale pail, and i kept it there for 12 days. I then transferred to a glass carboy for secondary fermentation. I added priming sugar to the glass carboy (because i didn't read directions) and only after adding did i realize I was supposed to wait until bottling to add the priming sugar. Now the carboy is actively fermenting again and the beer smells sweet (not a good sweet smell). My question is this: I am leaving on a work trip for 2 weeks. I need to bottle today or wait two weeks to bottle. The carboy is actively fermenting because i added the priming sugar. What should I do? Should i wait two weeks to let it condition, then proceed with the directions with new priming sugar? Can I bottle now? Please help me somehow salvage this rookie mistake I made.

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I'd say let it finish,then prime & bottle. It will probably be a bit lighter,but can't be helped. It should still be good,though.
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I don't think bottling now would be a good idea at all. The bubbling means that it's doing what it's supposed to do in the bottles, it's just not in the bottles. I would let it sit at least two weeks, then add the priming sugar (again) in the bottling bucket and bottle away.

As far as the sweet smell, just let the yeast do its work and wait. Best advice I've ever gotten on brewing; when in doubt, wait it out.
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Mar 2010
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yea, wait it out until your yeasties are done eating all the treats you gave them.

when the time comes to bottle, just go to your lhbs and buy some more priming sugar and prime as normal. you'll be fine.
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Jun 2011
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Because of the extra sugar in the secondary does it increase the Alcohol percentage?

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Jan 2010
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the alcohol will increase but were talking fractions of a percent. what did you prime with? like 130g of dextrose in 5gal? that's nothing. Dont even worry about it. if you have the exact numbers i can do a quick calc for you.

Worst case scenario, you may have got your yeast active again, and it attenuated a bit further, but i bet you anything this will be the best beer you ever had. Let it ferment out and steady over the next few days then come home and bottle with new priming sugar.

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Old 06-13-2011, 03:21 AM   #7
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Dec 2010
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I'd probably leave it alone for 3 more weeks...then prime and bottle. Should be great.

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Your beer is ruined. Send it to me for disposal! <wink>

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Jun 2010
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Originally Posted by Homercidal View Post
Your beer is ruined. Send it to me for disposal! <wink>
Definately!! Send to the nearest HBDU* rep ASAP.

*Home Brew Disopal Unit.

As stated it will be fine just lighter than plan for. Wait and then bottle
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Feb 2010
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Let it ride.
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