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My latest batch of IPA has a problem that a few of my past batches have faced as well. I dry hopped it in the keg using 2oz simcoe pellets in a mesh hop bag for 10 days at 68*F. It now has a very fine hop dust suspended in it that makes for a harsh taste in the back of your throat as you drink it. In the times where this has occurred before, this stuff takes FOREVER to settle out. I'm just wondering if anyone has any technique that might help this settle out faster. I'm not too interested in the added labor of filtering. I've used gelatin before but my understanding of how gelatin works is that it binds to certain particles to remove haze, but it doesn't do anything to clear suspended yeast, and I'm doubtful that it would settle out this hop dust. In the future I think I'll dry hop with whole hops whenever possible.
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I don't know about the hop dust, gelatin may work for that. It seems like there has been some misconception about how gelatin works in beer, though.

Gelatin DOES help clear suspended yeast. For source, see this article: http://www.scientificsocieties.org/j...7-0128-540.pdf. For those who say "TLDR" check this:

"The mechanism of clarification using bovine gelatin is similar to that of collagen in that positively charged gelatin molecules attract the negatively charged yeast cells and colloids in beer, which are then removed by flocculation."

As far as your particular situation, if you have already tried gelatin then I would suggest just letting it sit for a while longer before you try it. I don't know of anything else that could help you.

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"Hop Dust Torture"

I sat in my chair and my taste buds burned.
Can't I drink while it's young?

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Ive gotten that issue before with Simcoe as well. I use a paint strainer to dry hop. Really the only thing I have found that cures it is to fridge it.

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Originally Posted by ksbrain View Post
"Hop Dust Torture"

I sat in my chair and my taste buds burned.
Can't I drink while it's young?
Nice one.

+1 on fridge...one week in the cold (or longer if you can stand it) and everything should fall out. my brews are cold crashed, kegged and carbed, all in the fridge. I have had hop dust of my own when omitting the cold crash.

dry hopped in kegs with success getting the dust out on the first 2-3 beers, though be careful, slight aggitation leads to renewed sediment in your glass...depending on how long you keep the dry hops in there.

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