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Mar 2011
scranton, pa
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Ok about 12 days ago I started my first cider. Here is the recipe:

- 3 gallons of apple juice
- 9 OUNCES of plain white sugar
- one package Red Star champagne yeast
- yeast nutrient

I made a yeast starter and this thing bubbled like crazy from the airlock for 5-6 days. The original directions I got said not to transfer it to a secondary but I think I am going to transfer at the 2 week mark and then let it sit in glass for 4 more weeks.

A few questions. I have no idea about specific gravity as I never checked.. any guesses here on final alcohol % and how do you guess at something like this? I hear mentions of calculators but cant find any

also should I carbonate this? are commercial ciders carbonated?

And Any recommendations on backsweetening or flavoring this?

Sorry I had already started this batch before I found the forum and only recently started homebrewing. I am definitely on a better path now. I found a great home brew store near me. I got some good gear now and IM HOOKED

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Dec 2010
Clear Lake, Texas
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it would do you much good to read some of the other "newbie" threads.

OG is easily guessed- without a calculator at the ready though, I can only surmise its a squeak over 1.050, IIRC, AJ is usually 1.045ish, sugar will add some more

No need to move to secondary unless you're going to age it for a long time.

You can only carbonate easily if you have a keg, else bottle bombs or a PITA to do it.

you need to taste it before you decide to sweeten

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Mar 2010
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Looks like you are doing OK.

Gravity: Apple juice is probably about 1.046. Added sugar will add about 24 points, or 8 per gallon to give you an estimate of 1.054. If it ferments out to 1.000, should give about 7% abv.

You didn't say if it was clear or cloudy juice. If cloudy, you could be looking at 6 months or more to clear unless you use pectic enzyme.

If clear juice, leave where it is for a month, then rack and leave for at least a month, preferably 2.

If you like dry cider (I do), just prime like beer. I like to use 1 cup of apple juice per gallon. If you like it sweet, it gets more complicated; read other threads for advice.

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Mar 2011
scranton, pa
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Thanks guys. I dont think this will be my greatest batch but I got a bunch of home brew equipment for a gift and then got the itch.. figured why not.. found this recipe on another site and went with it.

OH the juice was clear not cloudy. It got a bit cloudy when i mixed everything together but after about 1 week it started to get clear and is still continuing to clear up.

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