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Here's another twist for pork in the crockpot. Put the roast in the crockpot, add about a cup water and some black pepper. Cover and cook over low heat for about 2 hours. Mix a can or two of sauerkraut, a can of applesauce and about 1/4 cup brown sugar together & pour it over the pork roast. Cover and simmer until it's tender. MMMMMM! Darn good stuff!!! The sauerkraut sauce it excellent on mashed potatoes too. Cheers!!!
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Originally Posted by the_bird View Post
Oh, I know, I just don't really have a proper smoker. The crock-pot method is also a lot easier to handle in the middle of winter when it's -15 outside.

Besides, the original post was looking for sauce ideas for crock-pot pork!
We certainly agreed on that! When it's -15 outside the only BBQ I am going to have is from a BBQ Joint. I don't mind the cooking in the cold on the egg but -15 is a little too extreme for me. At that temperature I am sipping homebrew in front of the fireplace.

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Originally Posted by the_bird
Oh, I know, I just don't really have a proper smoker. The crock-pot method is also a lot easier to handle in the middle of winter when it's -15 outside.
Granted,i live in the Mid-Atlantic. But I've smoked in the middle of winter and would rather do that on my Big Green Egg than babysat a crock-pot.

Not to belittle the crock-pot. My wife makes some incredible pulled beef in it. I just won't permit her to call it "BBQ"!
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... notice that I never once referred to the crock-potted pork as "BBQ," and in fact specifically used quotation marks when describing is as "pulled pork." It's not BBQ, it's good (damn good, the way I do it), but it ain't BBQ.

There's very little babysitting, anyway.
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Here is my favorite BBQ sauce. I change a few things everytime I make it, but I love the base.

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Crock pot Pulled pork is just what I do in the winter when messing with the smoker is too darn hard. Even Crock Pot pulled pork is pretty good. not the same as a smoked shoulder, but very quick and easy and tasty. Did one last weekend and the wife made me buy another one this weekend. Just pulled the meat and ready to put some sauce together.

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My favorite pulled pork is so easy. I season up a butt heavily with a spice blend from the store. I like Rub with Love: Chicken and Grill Masters: Pork. It sits in the fridge for a day or so like that. Then I throw the butt in the crock with a sliced onion and about half a head of garlic. Two bottles of stout and I forget about it. In the morning, I shred the pork and leave it in the crock without a lid until the liquid cooks down. No additional sauce needed.

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