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I brewed a batch back in July and due to life didn't have a chance to bottle it then. I had forgotten about it until cleaning out the storage/aging area in prep for spring. I am going to bottle it this week but am wondering if I need to add some type of yeast to it when I add the priming sugar or if it will be good to go. It has been sitting in temp controlled area mid 60's.

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It most definitely wouldn't hurt. Just use a neutral yeast like Nottingham or something along those lines and life should be good to go.
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Taste it first, make sure it's still within what you expected...

For yeast, you could just rehydrate a packet of a neutral yeast, like Lalvin EC-1118 and pitch it in a day before you rack into the bottling bucket. Or right after you start to siphon into the bucket (put it into the wort in the bucket)... That way it will mix up more completely. I would just be sure to put those bottles into something where it won't matter if they decide to pop... Of course, that will depend on what kind of bottles you're using, and how their capped. I've not had any issues with Belgian bottles with extra yeast added (not carbonating over about 2.5 CO2 volumes)... I've not done that with any batches in Grolsch bottles, but I suspect they would be fine too. Regular capped bottles could be different. I've not used those at all, so someone else will need to chime in there.

What CO2 volume were you planning on going with for the brew? If it's in the 2-2.5 range, I don't think you'll have any issue with using fresh yeast and priming as normal. I would suspect that any yeast that was in suspension has dropped out by now. Of course, if you give it a gently swirling a day, or so, before you're going to bottle, you might not need to add any sugar...

Let us know how this turns out, how ever you end up doing it.
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I'm thinking a fine carboy conditioned beer. You maintained temps so what could have spoiled the process?

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