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Originally Posted by commonsenseman View Post
I had no idea what type of honey I should buy for my first mead either, so I just bought my LHBS's cheapest type, "wildflower". I assume that just means that the bees pollinated all sorts of plants, so I probably got a mish-mash of different honey flavors.

Next time I'd like to try clover-only honey.
Wildflower honey, typically, has a more complex flavor to it due to all the different things the bees pollinated to get the honey. Look at it as more of a symphonic composition as opposed to a flute solo...
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Personally I prefer wild flower honey I find the flavor is more balanced.

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Well, good to know!
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I live in an area with lots of beekeepers, and I have had beekeepers in the family. Honey will age like wine; the flavors will blend and mellow over time. Some people do not like fresh raw honey. They find it harsh or think it is stale. I get my general use honey for $17.50/5 lbs, but he gives me a pretty good break when I buy bulk for mead making.

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Originally Posted by Golddiggie View Post
If they're not using just local, or even US based honey, I'd go on to another apiary, and not use them.

I'm looking to use at least regional honey in my fermentations. There are several apiaries in New England that I can go to for that. Some of which are within easy driving distance too.
I'm in Concord, MA, and so am near you. Could I get a listing of apiaries you mentioned? Thanks!

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I buy my OB honey from a place called American Honey Direct. Their honey was pretty high quality, and has produced some good meads. Their website says that their products are all completely from CA. I haven't priced it lately, but I bought 4 12lbs jars of OB honey from them last year and had it shipped to my door for around $140. Hope this helps.

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I just wanted to thank all in this thread for the info, especially you fellow Californians. I plan to start a Mead or two once I either buy more carboys or bottle the Apfelwein I got going. But thanks again everyone!

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KeithStone, you're so smooth.

Sorry, I had to; I know, you hear it all the time.

I'm thinking that $2.92/lb. delivered sounds even smoother; I'll check into that for OB honey! Wonder how much it'd be to ship here.....

- Tim
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