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Aug 2009
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So a while back, I was having some brews with a buddy after work one morning . Many beers later I went to bed. After being in bed for an hour or so, my swmbo says that I got up, walked across the living room and into my kids room. I stood there proud as a peacock and peed all over the floor at the end of my kids bed. She says she tried to stop me but once that much beer is ready to come out, there's no stopping. I don't remember any of it. Now for the really funny part. I was telling another buddy at work about it and he says, at least you didn't sh%t in your dresser drawer! I'm like, dude don't tell me you've done that and he's like, oh yeah and I didn't remember it until I found it a few days later. Says he threw those clothes away. Now that's the standing response with me and my buddies when ever the drunken stories come out. This was a couple years ago and I still laugh like hell whenever I think about it.

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Jan 2010
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The wife tells me I am guilty as well. I have since cut back a bit.

It wasn't the act as I have to admit, I laughed when she told me. It was the "Do you NOT remember what you did last night?!?!?!?!?!?" comment that scared the **** out of me.

"Uh.....no honey. What did I do?"

You pissed on the wall!

"Oh. LOL!!!!!! Whew......" We had a couple lady friends over that night who left long before I did so, but just saying, I could have done a lot worse.

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Aug 2010
richmond, va
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Having a guy do that is funny, but with a chick it's somehow disturbing. My wife (then girlfriend) and I watched, horrified, as her roommate got out of bed, dropped trough, and pissed in the middle of their bedroom one night in college. Very primal looking. At least two subsequent pets made that their spot of choice thereafter.

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Jun 2008
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At least you did it on the floor!

My Sophomore year in college I had just moved into a new place with a new roommate. Being the beginning of the school year we all went out and got tank. I wandered home to my place and went to bed, he went over to his girlfriends place. At some point in the middle of the night I got up, left my new room, walked into his room and pissed on the end of the bed.... Then promptly proceeded to pass out in the bed! (Further up, feet at the bottom.)

I woke up the next morning at 6AM and freaked out. Washed and dried his sheets, washed, soaked up as much of the product as possible and flipped the mattress. Now, before you go calling me a scumbag (cause it was a scummy move) here is my reason: 1) I had JUST moved in with this guy and 2) the year before he woke up to his roommate pissing on him AND his girlfriend. I knew that I was disoriented in a new place and that I wouldnt do it again (and I never have.)
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Aug 2008
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had a freind the night of his bachelor party almost take a dump on another one of our friends head. He woke up and stumbled into the living room, dropped his pants and sat on the arm of the couch where our friend was sleeping. He woke up in time to see the brown eye looking at him and punched jim hard enough to wake him up.
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A friend of mine actually went into the wrong house and was pissing in a neighbors house at 4 in the morning, when the cops showed up and arrested him! He lives in a neighborhood where all the houses are the same.

I love this website. pictures to some stuff that you guys are describing.


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