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Bernie Brewer
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Feb 2006
Eldorado, WI
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Every time we get any significant snowfall, there are some pretty good sized snowdrifts out in front of our house. And someone always gets stuck. One time we had a snowplow slide off the road and get stuck. Well last night was the same. Some moron got his minivan stuck in a four foot drift in front of our house. He was on his way to work (he works for the city and got called in). So then he call his buddy at the city garage to plow him out, and this new mental midget shows up in a little 1/2 ton pickup with a plow attatched. He promptly got stuck. So there we were at 4:00 AM, SWMBO and I, helping to shovel out these two geniuses, niether of which were smart enough to bring anything warmer than a coat. No hats, no boots nothing. They were sopping wet and freezing by the time we got them shoveled out.

Why is it that every time there is some kind of bad weather, some idiot with a four-wheel drive thinks he's bulletproof and can go out and do anything? Granted, this guy had to go, but he should have called the county and had a real plow come and get him. He lives out here for crying out loud, and he know what the roads are like in severe weather. Instead he gets in his little minivan and only makes it about a mile.

OK rant over.........
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Flyin' Lion
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Jan 2005
Chester, VA
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Wow that sucks, but if you were up till 4 a.m. you should go back to sleep-it's still early.
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Oct 2005
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Some people only learn from experience; but most don't learn, period. When I lived in New Jersey, one of our neighbors always parked his car on the road (on curve on a hill), so he wouldn't have to dig out his driveway. In 9 years, three of his cars got totaled by other cars sliding into them.
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Nov 2006
North Idaho
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I know exactly how you feel. I recall one winter where I pulled the same UPS driver out of the same ditch 6 times because he was to lazy to put chains on. After the third time, I charged him $20 to pull him out.
Another time, up on MT/ID border, some moron in a Mustang passed me doing at least 60 MPH in complete whiteout conditions. About 2 miles later, there they sit buried to the door handles in the ditch. I stopped, dug out the passenger side door and gave his wife and baby daughter a ride into Wallace, Id and made him stay with his fancy sports car till the tow truck came. Stupid people shouldn't breath.
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I see a ripped bag in your future BM :)

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Jan 2007
Northern Burbs, IL
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I hate drivers in 4x4s that think that their 4 wheel drive vehicle effectively negates all laws of physics.

Do miss my Bronco though... that way if one of these geniuses hit me, I knew I was pretty safe...

For the brew listing, see ill.literate's sig. :)

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Aug 2006
New Jersey
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You should post a sign in your front yard that says, "Snow Shovels for Rent - Hot Cocao - Open 24Hrs". You could make a few bucks and buy more beer ingredients.

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Will work for beer
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Jan 2005
Knob Noster, Missouri
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Morons all right. You should live in a place that it rarely snows--then you'll see moron. If it snows here, the whole place shuts down for an inch--and every driver turns into an even bigger idiot.

When I know it is going to snow, I always pack up the Jeep with recovery gear and head out. I frequently make a 100 bucks or more every time. I don't even ask for money (I never would). The people are so desperate they volunteer it.

Little do they know, it is fun as hell for me.
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Feb 2007
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I think the people here in CT forget that we get snow by the time winter rolls around. Granted we've gotten alot less of it in the past couple years... We got our first snow storm the other week and it was a wopping 4 inches of snow and ice. The snow stopped around midafternoon, my street didn't get plowed until after 5pm and I live on a main road and even then they did a horrible job. It's as if the city of new haven said "well, it's february and we haven't gotten any snow yet so lets spend the plowing budget on flip-flops and beach towels and hope for the best"

Rant completed
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I prefer 23383
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Oct 2005
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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We got lucky on the south side Bernie. Got about 5-7 inches at my place but a 1/2 inch of freezing drizzel too so it's not that bad. best news is since I couldnt do the driveway today I was expecting to have to shovel it Monday whenI get off work but the wife paid some guy $20 to clear it out with his bobcat/front end loader . . . best $20 we spent in a LONG time

Oh and swmbo finally agrees with me about our snowblower and the fact that it's too small. I'm getting new blower this fall, know anyone who needs/wants a small snowblower?
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May 2006
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Originally Posted by Pumbaa
Oh and swmbo finally agrees with me about our snowblower and the fact that it's too small. I'm getting new blower this fall, know anyone who needs/wants a small snowblower?
Aren't you a lot better off buying it now, if possible? Seems like I see a lot of killer sales these days, plus you still might get a little bit of use out of it this season.
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